Forbes' Highest Paid TV Actresses

Forbes unveiled their annual list of the highest earning women in television.
4:20 | 09/15/16

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Transcript for Forbes' Highest Paid TV Actresses
Time now thru Thursday morning skinny and we're starting with the ladies who'd talked to yet another highest paid list or does that would its annual list of world's highest paid television actresses starting with number five. Scandals Kerry Washington thirteen and a half million dollars thanks mostly to endorsement deals with teacher Jeanne Movado and apple music. Tied for a number of former Grey's Anatomy Ellen Pompeo it fourteen point five million dollars one of the first actresses to be loved but producers shot Iraq's. And also tied for fourth place on orders S. U. v.s MRSA. Targeted at fourteen and a half. Millions. Their place in many Kettering of the many projects Lulu at fifteen million. And also scheme. Good thanks for him. Coming in second the Big Bang theories Caylee cool Loko. Raking in 24 and a half million dollars last year earning a million dollars an episode. And finally capital is Tia Rosa all that modern family is this if give a gar. Earning a whopping 43. Million dollars last year. That's mostly from endorsement and licensing deals including a line of rooms to go for it sure coffee maker she even has a line of nurse uniforms. Rick yeah. Nursing a relic is a Halloween cost you know and real lesson plan and finance or anything real mention from stern school. Next the that we needed more proof that fashion designers need to get a clue about women's footwear. Here you haven't bella had deed took a painful tumble yesterday at New York's Fashion Week landing on all fours. On the runways for Michael cores out shoes wearing sick sick inch open toed hoping he'll. Platform shoes even more dramatic. When your displayed on the ground they can they can get tickets of course bella might want to take a few lessons in walking in the impossible she's from. Lady Gaga the six time Grammy winner rob New York Fashion Week as well the custom black. Brenda Maxwell blazer. I'm told it's crop top. And apparently it's a micro mini shorts and this platform boots taller than a birthday cake. The latest reports indicate. That god apparently managed to stay up Brett the entire evening Chris she did not have the strut down the runway and mud villages. It's easier what we can just Wear normal size charities and stop making models walk around in six issue I agree with him. Well let's Olivia Wilde takes a Twitter to scolds fellow writers on the New York City Subway system. The vinyl star is pregnant with her second child with fiance and actor Jason Sudeikis but apparently he's not getting a lot of love from fellow New Yorkers. She tweeted out quote able bodied riders who won't give your seat to a giant Lego artist and run next year head as if the labor. Electro New Yorkers at least one guy did have something to say tweeting back. Heading tell you to get pregnant get in Hoover who can afford it and I paid the same amount as you. For the subway ride. Now wild that didn't respond that well but that's easy loans they prohibit didn't it it's repeat what she said there was a great back and forth. I think so. She got the last word and finally built Larry it might be taking the subway or number out to Brooklyn this weekend. Yes so tomorrow and Saturday starting at 7 o'clock every night the veteran actor will have a go at Manning the bar at 21 green point. It's a new Brooklyn bar that's code by his son homer. Very is no stranger to bar tending he famously popped up with would tank then at a bar in Austin during SXSW. A few years ago. But he poured nothing but tequila shots. If it's almost as though it invite yeah. Some very might find when wondering why don't bit more challenging since a cocktails are the creations of Sam McClure who bar tended at the city's top restaurants. Former U says that all people come in and have fun just walk in the nice though my dad lacks experience he makes up for. And Sheila Sheila we're everybody.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Forbes unveiled their annual list of the highest earning women in television. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"42105869","title":"Forbes' Highest Paid TV Actresses","url":"/WNN/video/forbes-highest-paid-tv-actresses-42105869"}