Friday Rewind: White House top aide resigns

Check out this week's top stories, including the resignation of White House aide Rob Porter.
2:59 | 02/09/18

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Transcript for Friday Rewind: White House top aide resigns
Yes it's a good. Would you like think they're getting loud and exactly so we made it. To Friday it's been a week of highs and lows from the Super Bowl just a high point to our 401K looking more like a 301 K. Yeah thanks of the stock market they've all been a little up and but there's somebody riding along in a red Tesla right now. Where it's been nothing but up here's our weekly Friday rewind. Anxious traders on Wall Street as the Dow closed more than a thousand points lower. Coming on top of Monday's massive sell off the largest one day drop in history the Dow is now down more than 10% from its high in January. That's considered an official correction. The president's staff secretary rob Porter is outs. The west wing in crisis mode after two quarters XYX came forward to publicly accuse him of domestic violence. Former denies abusing his ex wives. Saying these outrageous allegations are simply falls this is a process it involves thorough investigation dealers across the country are on overblown with a record number of patients. Nearly 151000. People hospitalized so far this flu season Day-Lewis. Prevalent in every single state of the continent United States doctors that we're talking to say that it's typical for this isn't going to Easter for the CDC is now saying. It could last until May. Chaos in the streets of Taiwan the six point four magnitude quake. Struck just before midnight local time roads bridges and cars damaged neighborhoods reduced to rub. There have been many more aftershocks which is why the authorities are telling the people to stay out of the buildings in case there is structural damage. This is our special. Eagles parade coverage for the Super Bowl championship. All my life has. First there invited us along for the most exclusive and expensive commercial flying experience ever bridging the highest paid campaigns weren't very minor. Stay away. The first launch of the world's most powerful rocket. It was a success. SpaceX craft is now on its way through the solar system carrying a bright red Tesla Roadster. They bestowed by some three trillion race. Thinking what they're what what we've been doing that they worship this could. Absolutely cool so some big things coming up in the week ahead Valentine's of course more on the Olympic. Yes the Olympics it's starting. Just a few hours they gets out of activity going on that yet.

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{"id":52956445,"title":"Friday Rewind: White House top aide resigns ","duration":"2:59","description":"Check out this week's top stories, including the resignation of White House aide Rob Porter. ","url":"/WNN/video/friday-rewind-white-house-top-aide-resigns-52956445","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}