The fundamentals of royal wedding etiquette

Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette at the Plaza Hotel, has tips on how to behave at this kind of event.
5:14 | 05/17/18

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Transcript for The fundamentals of royal wedding etiquette
Our two days to go to the big wedding our eve night to the ceremony clearly got second our sample yet but no problem operation royal wedding crashing. Is in full effect need our outfits are already packed yesterday we got her ex. And now we just have to make sure we don't stand out yet and journey nest is here are some etiquette tips right now is Mike a Meyer founder of Beaumont. At a kids at New York's Plaza Hotel. Mica good morning to hear anything yeah now my. We don't need etiquette to know that man. All paranoid so they react well few things until I know you'll be sneaking in gallons of blood and perfectly yeah so why do you agree when we first commandments that princess Heidi do their thumbs. It's how do you do it here. Go planet that this or that me likes us yeah. The rest of the crowd might keep each and remember it's not one who hit the man got in to you in Great Britain. So you start in the right cited. Right and yet you don't want it and the opera you on the and one thankfully although that's that's that's made game it. Yes so but that an opening mop. And then not exactly always starting on of rights. Know exactly perfect line and then once you get in the chapel we have to stick crackling that way yeah so let's say. And how would you sit so this got and then let's see okay we have the need is here perfect right knee so a couple points for for so Indy UK and very form etiquette. You must keep your knees and ankles together at all times and this is what you can do what we call. The duchess layouts and which is a slant to the leg or keep trial. We compass that can lids crops OK so he'll touch the floor are. And posture and that gentleman can keep hip what a part namely skinny men spread like this could this is and memoranda and getting have a wide stance right he he he he cross he just cross didn't eat so that the bottom of your shield faces downward and then he had huge ceremony at Astor the wedding go want to deal for dining ones in one of the wedding breakfast and other want to rob Moore house. Very formal 200 personal perception I'm sure you're going to get through a tight quarters how. Slid right we'll sneak in either write her friend Max led. I had so. How do you eat correctly I want to show you that you blend and how to hold your color crackling for cash so if you just take you lawyer for the last. And put it in your left hand index up way to this event. That's very classes outlook there outlet that index rat. And ran index without an irritable and tourist and her Stanford went exactly and then you cut us a way you found out that it didn't Heinz in the UK they call them talent and it is an out and then this is braced and then. Finished in America says yeah it remarkable how good jest because now it's going to be 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock 12100. And I would have to finish at club in Great Britain yes OK and finally afternoon tea yes I have no got on a bit. Yeah pinky oh yes pinky never applicants are American from a mile away I want you to blend and he'd he'd then that's only for tequila shots pink exactly exactly in and then also putting port just Holton is highly. Doesn't Carolina adding clean my house. Thank you very yes yes yes and we won't get its act means not high tea okay and when we're holding her teacup and it's going. So it is. YouTube hits and many support your middle finger I can't vote you've my seniors pinch. And support so it's bench Bowen and the importance and support owed his elbow and and support elbow and durable and can give an outlook then and I thought this is very comfortable. And moves through bad. And that he needed to figure is it sitting here in town and it won't end to hold a saucer if you're standing at camp doha so you will be part fact this is those of you have to find so we are set. And remember when you star a Hudson star. Heidi we thank clout. But and all I saw this movie. Big that the mob. Resists there and then she just goes. Cheaper we're trying to get and not get out okay it'll extra. 6126126. Up and down and you know it. Don't want to statements and land mines he and then. That dad and then to this closes at twelve Palestinians while the next twelve parents have. That usual Monday. Thank you very much oh and yeah end here. And I'm already if you Wear a wedding and win either way it mastering their web. Think you'll. Well. Again for more let me etiquette tip didn't go to Beaumont etiquette dot com for courses offered especially on your national tour very excited and we in the meantime will be busy at the island we're gonna visit a motel six. Bands are torn.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette at the Plaza Hotel, has tips on how to behave at this kind of event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"55227959","title":"The fundamentals of royal wedding etiquette","url":"/WNN/video/fundamentals-royal-wedding-etiquette-55227959"}