Furry Bulldog Sinks Half-Court Shot

A Holy Cross student wins free text books when school mascot drains a half-court shot.
2:55 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for Furry Bulldog Sinks Half-Court Shot
I've next time you gotta love the half court shot that goes in -- -- crazy before the -- somebody -- -- halftime Maloney set it up real quick this -- Adams back he's a student at Holy Cross College -- -- the bought that -- -- -- he wins textbooks which are a lot of money for a student. But the thing is he doesn't get to shoot the ball leave the school mascot dressed as a Saint Bernard Goetz issued tomorrow let's take a and -- textbooks which is like you said it. Those aren't very -- Aren't living up to this now yesterday was a Guinness world record today 181013. That's when people from all around the world come together. Says celebrates international day of record breaking and we have torn who wants to tell you about take a -- most -- looked on stunned simultaneously. Taken by a narrow allies major arrests 264 coolant -- in Tokyo Japan's fastest 100 meter running on all -- -- There they are -- most of secondhand -- seventeen year old from Texas about one. And longest basketball shot in Phoenix -- There you have. -- -- -- Run away. Me. Do. Is much -- the military.

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{"id":20897513,"title":"Furry Bulldog Sinks Half-Court Shot","duration":"2:55","description":"A Holy Cross student wins free text books when school mascot drains a half-court shot.","url":"/WNN/video/furry-bulldog-sinks-half-court-shot-20897513","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}