Gadgets you may not know about

From collapsible stools to flashlight gloves, the Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, has the latest gear.
4:05 | 09/14/20

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Transcript for Gadgets you may not know about
Good morning. Americans are plugging into an explosion of do it yourself projects thanks to sell many of us still spending a lot of time at home. And this morning helping us sound with those projects is her own gives whiz Dick DeBartolo with some nifty gadgets that you may have never known existed. Good morning Dick this first one is small it's portable and you it's very compact as well. It is amazing who knew that there was a collapse simple stool. You could take everywhere and his a look at that. Suppose you're in the pocket is no place to sit for at the DMV the post office police do is take your collectible stool puts your fingers and both sides but. Pull it out so. Who pocket. And then you have at least double check it that it totally locked you have an eighteen inch high. Bench to Sonoma. It's on the three pounds when it's time to fold it up again pull on both sides. Ratchet around. You can put it down like Paul wade and then really Lockett if you have a little kids. And then what Clark and again. It has a hand strap and the carry strapped it's really great. That is awesome but yes make sure it is a lot we don't want to see you falls. That we all need flashlights right while putting things together but this one you could say goodbye to triple a batteries. Exactly she rechargeable flashlight I love it so much I bought a dozen of them and he is line. Kids in need a mini flashlight with a big difference I'm gonna show you gonna shut this overhead light off. So when you turn it on you can focus of green. What do more on whatever you need but there would turn out all the side lights up for a very wide angle. Task like great for a ten to two campaign and the best loses when life starts to get dim. Just get out charging cable because it says a 500 million battery inside totally rechargeable. Plug that in and give it like 45 minutes and you'll have another couple of Al was a flight festival. Get three to five dollars depending on how many you go why. Cheapening it throat in your pocket. Six is next gadget on the give it two thumbs up can explain why. These are amazing take a peek at what you can do with them and these are my thumbs up cell phone holders okay disparate amounts slide a fallen in the company says anything. Pennies screen up to about seven inch is. Of course you can put the phone and vertically if you do it that way and I'm finding he's a great to hold little objects. So if you collect things he's done great tease it for that men use greeting cards. Just about any thing and they hold it up really. Securely. Citic cold sums up. And aren't what the big bucks to them and they were eighteen dollars for eight of them. Oh wow there's so handy to use them for a lot of different things. I see show does one flashlight but this flashlight it's a little different. Actually doesn't look like much like this but take a peek at what it dies. A very bizarre gloves. Okay it is DL ED gloves. Let me put my finger is in that stretch it out discos around here and then the bill crow fast sin list. Now what good are these. Homes surely you. All of short break up popped. And I don't have a flashlight. I hope it doesn't matter I'm wearing my LE eagle. You don't need someone who flashlight when you have your LED glum mood. Stick my hair part about that flashlight was it was hand spree. And of course burden more on these and other useful gadgets you can check out Dicks website kids with dot biz as wells are on W Lennon fans dot com Dick DeBartolo. Thank you so much for joining us and you are watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"From collapsible stools to flashlight gloves, the Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, has the latest gear.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72996395","title":"Gadgets you may not know about","url":"/WNN/video/gadgets--72996395"}