Gadgets For The Outdoors

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo stops by with the latest gadgets to help you survive in the great outdoors.
4:08 | 09/16/15

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Transcript for Gadgets For The Outdoors
Welcome back everybody we don't ever when carries he's right and you probably would be lost without them to victim Marcello from his quiz dot TV is here with some gadgets it just might make your key rate. Even more indispensable absolutely no milk if so it's something far. And cold key bow we from Davis. And this is in case you dropped the keys overboard live near the water. Have a boat we already did one before the show so organist thought another one and what you do is that the kids go overboard that. The is a chemical reaction inside this should pop open and issued float the keys so we'll check back on how long does that usually take you know it's starting already opted. Anywhere from like one minute to about three minutes that's a genius so it's not just keep coming up AFLAC all of the whole thing's got to come back up okay. Key Blue Hills about only about seven dollars in finicky I love this little guy. So emphatic he. Instead of those split rings where you try to open. And yes she's on and you lose your nail in the process actually this is from light eyes and in finicky just pushed the key on what's. Go like this. And then pull down to the bottom. And you won't lose it and then this is for you bill book and then like. For this is the big 15 dollars the little one down there is for not playing great to have lots of keys. And you want to hang them on these little. Thought clips here. These this one in stainless. There is one. That is color coded for you keys and it also has a built in flashlight if you want let me just push on the package here in this one with a model opener. Dick we it we are emerging in all my good is okay our keys aren't I don't know what went. Yeah yeah are hardy. All the bottom of all of that chaos we have received full in the run up the they you know they go okay. Today different excellent excellent Viagra needed there. OK and that's key light and Ke light with a light and Ke light with a bottle opener OK this is me. On these little guys are the power. He. And may on many things that hang on key chain and if you get to the office and you forgot you're charging cable. I this is the apple the lightning connector because those are the two things you forget your teens. And start charging cable exactly and this is the little one for USB micro for almost all the android phones for Smart and they hang on your teacher great idea what we have income mobile this is a great idea I had the original Inco which doesn't have these teachers. This clips on to your key ring or your belt one and is a space pen write in any position underwater in frost. The other end is. This violence hobble for your I pay it might not it was I lighter. And I think that I stay up up up up up up. And they make in two versions this little clip on version. And they make another version that can go in your pocket or penguins teachers and it OK fell twelve books no real life. No metal light show years ago and I'm showing it again because I love that this has been on my key for about three years now and as you go to the key lock. Just press on the PM showing it to you know how into the camera and a little light red light there the keyhole. And it's tiny. It really do is take the glue the back and stick it on the key and I put him on Amazon you get four for ten dollars. These little guys all our dog really neat and this is the we get the name of this guy forgot what he's of the new do think he's okay originally showed that in Iran not Russia so this woman has had to open range. The other one has a bottle open and a little so law. Now if you want really big tools you can go to Swiss tech OK that has an all it has a pair apply is it also has a bottle opener ended LED light. And off final guy. Is in no over and this also hangs on U key chain. And so this gives you bright light less light blinking light and then off I have one of those are great when there's a storm or your campaign.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo stops by with the latest gadgets to help you survive in the great outdoors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33792435","title":"Gadgets For The Outdoors","url":"/WNN/video/gadgets-outdoors-33792435"}