Giant Alligator Caught in Alabama

Hunters find 15-foot, 1,000-pound Alligator in Alabama.
2:54 | 08/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Giant Alligator Caught in Alabama
And now it is time for the mix and we've got some pretty wild Morgan wild things way to start -- this. Humongous alligator that they hunters and Alabama -- for us a whopping. Thousand pound plus cats for these hunters in Alabama. And the length of this was lobbed at about. Fifteen feet now that's -- you. Pretty big lot again. According to the national zoo the average size for females about eight to nine feet but males can get over a thousand pounds but this is very rare to report. Someone to catch this. What are you doing all right Peter -- -- -- the Minnesota state fair you can get alligator skin care what you think Harvard after the cell was -- what really wouldn't give -- an alligator only thing that alligator -- -- check -- the Minnesota state fair price. Moving on now we were just talking about running in -- health benefits are running and maybe those snacks that you -- made after won't meet a guy who is running cross country this is Steve Dalton. He can have as much as he wants to -- he's running 3414. Miles California to DC. To raise awareness for America's veterans good for him he's from Minnesota. And he's pushing that stroller you see there which has water in a cell phone charger apparently get this. Steve has already run across the country twice. Once previously to promote. And research for Asperger's syndrome and another time for Crohn's Disease 49 years old I think he's -- like. Hours and out of town is what a great cause bringing awareness of that and moving right along right now lets me -- -- We're talking about a little Chihuahua who was born without. Her front legs so the owner who -- -- decided to make this little contraption out of some. Former toys as a little skateboard. Wheels there and little -- -- is said to be doing great. And use Ashley in the owner of little Trevor -- has certainly. Had some donations for and then they also had a designer make a little 3-D -- for. I have never seen it done I had never seen a guy like that -- out front legs have seen. -- did you know injuries to their hind -- -- spinal cord injuries involved even -- along with the wheels that. Jurors on a roll -- always permanently harness to skateboard better than -- we have different and apparently that little device was moment under three pointers from. All right we're moving on here's a guy we've been talking about all morning we're pretty sure this cancer doesn't have -- gifts check this out this guy Arthur cadre. A great dancer using his go home video here in this videos courtesy of go broke. It has to be the most flexible he became -- ever seen. Maybe people want to answer to select. I don't know this is why -- won't be -- any moves like that. But he is fascinating to watch.

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{"id":25032542,"title":"Giant Alligator Caught in Alabama","duration":"2:54","description":"Hunters find 15-foot, 1,000-pound Alligator in Alabama.","url":"/WNN/video/giant-alligator-caught-alabama-25032542","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}