Golden Globes 2021

The ceremony had it all: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, star’s family members and Jodie Foster in pajamas. ABC's Will Ganss has highlights from the golden night.
2:40 | 03/01/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Golden Globes 2021
It's going to be smooth sailing. You won't even notice. Live from stages in new York and Los Angeles and helpless living rooms around the world what could possibly go wrong. Second here. Luckily they figured it out there. I don't want this is on Tina and Amy also taking a moment to acknowledge the lack of diversity in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. HF PA maybe you guys didn't get a medal because your workplaces the back Booth of a French McDonald's. But. You got a change that. Meanwhile for celebs at home know Beverly Hilton ballroom no problem. Schatz actress in a TV comedy Catherine O'Hara getting the dreaded rap music from her own husband. The first major award show a 22 when he won approving a family affair for so many. Are Kate Hudson Goldie Hawn Kurt Russell celebrating together and it adorable daddy daughter moment for the director of best foreign language film Minardi. And six years after this mean were the mug from the Golden Globes we get this live shot from James cordons living room. And then this happy dance Bill Murray in a very Bill Murray Hawaiian shirt Jodie Foster in pajamas winning for supporting actress in a movie. And Jason Sudeikis winning best actor to TV comedy. In some solid couch couture soon and Jason getting the wrap from Don Cheadle and Andre I get around this Libya meanwhile Amy Poehler getting this votes from Kenan Thompson. Plenty of laughs throughout the three plus hours ceremony. Our guys that I about preparing need to head act. We're in honey what happened. And plenty of heart to. And incredibly moving moment when Simone labored Bozeman accepted the award for best actor in a motion picture drama in honor of her late husband. Chadwick those. Subtle thing. Bureau yeah. Apparently. Something that would. Amplifier that little voice in Zion. All of us that tell you. Is she going. Float that moment the night's biggest awards went to know madly in for motion picture drama or act sue for motion picture comedy the crown for TV series drama. And for TV series comedy. That show's star and lower than those that I'm not allowed to say gunmen love on national television you're definitely not an apple a day that no doubt about it. I Vijay had to bust out my lawyer erosion. And threats he had really got about wealth that's a big arguments that's how it both men also that you situationally Daniel.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"The ceremony had it all: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, star’s family members and Jodie Foster in pajamas. ABC's Will Ganss has highlights from the golden night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76181994","title":"Golden Globes 2021","url":"/WNN/video/golden-globes-2021-76181994"}