Golden Globes sneak peek

Sunday's Golden Globes will be the first big awards show of the year! ABC's Will Ganss has everything you need to know from Tina to Amy and all the stars in between!
2:17 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for Golden Globes sneak peek
And an unnamed investor into the light buying into the public all the six weeks after I'd take his dress not. Tina and Amy are back for the 78 annual Golden Globes on Sunday. Delayed due to the pandemic the first big awards show of 20/20 one will be bi coastal with Tina in new York and Amy in LA. Stars joining in both locations and some joining from their homes if you want to go into the globe's having seen some favorites. The trial of the Chicago seven is a strong contender for motion picture drama that would be impossible for me and Chad. And that's what do you want. Stream that on Netflix and while you're there check out the problem here cultural disprove. That movie is a favorite for motion picture musical or comedy although Merrill Streep somehow wasn't nominated for best actress. In the Hollywood foreign press the group responsible for nominating and selecting winners at the Golden Globes. The age of PA is under fire this year for several reasons. Mainly it's lack of diversity. Of its 87 members not one of them is black. Sensitive files think that could explain the major snub for films like Judas and the black messiah and spike Lee's defied floods. But if the past is any indication Tina and Amy won't take it easy on the HF PA. Gates at the AV Hollywood Foreign Press Association. And we left untreated no icing. He's getting there is that no known cure for the Hollywood foreign press. On the television drama side of things they could be out royals lead for the ground USS. The come to loosen. And on the TV comedy or musical side of things everything's coming up roses at have a knack great. Ed Wood it is. Lebanese lawyer wrote some sure bets though for Sunday night. Jane Fonda will receive the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award and Norman Lear will be honored with the Carol Burnett award full recap here on Monday morning of course now. We cannot wait alcoholics are faring well how much do we mess awards season I mean it just it's I just feel like inner circle low and I know it's a different gold. I need but I kept coming back on life I felt Laurie Monday morning will going to be all aglow. Come on back.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Sunday's Golden Globes will be the first big awards show of the year! ABC's Will Ganss has everything you need to know from Tina to Amy and all the stars in between!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76132504","title":"Golden Globes sneak peek","url":"/WNN/video/golden-globes-sneak-peek-76132504"}