Google Employee Living in His Truck

A software engineer for Google saves money by living in a truck in the company's parking lot.
2:55 | 10/21/15

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Transcript for Google Employee Living in His Truck
But eight time for the makes and I gotta say this is a brilliant idea by 23 year old new Google employee. He realizes you know the prices in Silicon Valley are living out their mountain views pretty expensive out so here was his concept. He's just gonna post up can afford scarf. Outside the parking lot there. That car that. Lydia side that car he lives inside their 128 square foot. That is a bedroom to kitchen and hopefully not the best from his luck and that is where he lives he says that in the idea came about this here when. He was living and you realize how expensive it is down on the lives they spent 101000 dollars and truck. And that is it I guess you don't need heating in California. Not all ends in northern California need a little bit of heating but. And sure that it's old it's all good. Side that's not really remove the view but there are many New Yorkers looking at that going to Wear to our sign up and what a lady say what you. But. Ladies love the early all okay whose get that confused. The couch in court today this. That's right. Well here's a site CEO over California you gotta take a look at this this it all 61 wing suit sky divers are set a world record. This diamond shaped formation. It was our record to have this for Saturday over skydive Harris eighty miles southeast valley it pretty remarkable. The old record was 42 flyers that was back in June they acted to 61 here they're they're people wind skydive. Twelve nations participated in this from Canada to south apathetic Israel. And looks like they keep the record and they may that this is thirteen 1500. Feet in the air and they break apart adult a little under 6000. The very impressive figure we have a little bit a sound up of this expect. People. It put a proud American religious. This guy's really that it's a talent to beat cops are and what he's using right there's McDonald's and strong. To make those sounds horrible sound that you're hearing there. I do you know adult customers there McDonald said. I'm loving it. Gym equipment. Okay thank you have come when reminded that it felt good opposite of what the epic fail public the next line we're gonna wanna pockets I hate. Carving pumpkins so tough a look at this the kind of creative ways that you don't have to carve a pumpkin without drilling into it. Winds one leg up he connect glitter you can add paint unique waste of tackling fat pocket and this is a good way when players when news coming up.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"A software engineer for Google saves money by living in a truck in the company's parking lot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34618920","title":"Google Employee Living in His Truck","url":"/WNN/video/google-employee-living-truck-34618920"}