Gordon Ramsay Battles Muppets in Cook-off

A web video pits the celebrity chef against Kermit, Piggy and the gang.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gordon Ramsay Battles Muppets in Cook-off
But it does it ever went so there's a new Muppets movie coming out in March called -- most wanted to get a little buzz going they've got this thing called not the -- is like a web video out. And this is including somebody is very famous famous chef but Gordon Ramsay says here's -- -- -- set -- up for -- got so Ponzi. And the rest of them up again are enjoying an outdoor festival this kind of romping around -- -- -- in the all of a sudden -- then there was this huge truck coming out of nowhere. And he challenges the Swedish chef who happens to be running his own smaller food truck there called pork pork pork. 28 -- this is Scowcroft tops style. And here's a look at how it -- goes to. It's damp dark Ramsey any -- is stranger. -- -- There you have that we're gonna tell you how it and you got to watch the whole -- to no -- as easy getting a little flustered. I have a funny feeling I know. We've got to win this would consider promoting the Muppets movie monster gets deep blue -- entertaining very very adorable. Very few -- let's talk about. You wanna guess what band is officially now played all seven continents the only news collecting -- plan Olson confidence I'm gonna guess there's too many ills are tired of having Metallica. No doubt that a concert in Antarctic up pretty cool -- We'll -- -- -- -- inside and dole and close to -- up closing any scientific base. They had a 120 person crowd. Whose winners on the south American sweepstakes that was sponsored by Coca-Cola zero and then just the scientists who also there -- invited look back you can come. Joseph and Doug freeze them all by the band and actually what's probably most interesting about this -- -- -- the fragile condition then Antarctic. Thought everybody wore headphones they didn't have amplifiers they plugged in who essentially giving direct feed. I'm music just in their headphones and quiet she almost headphones on and headed out of the playoffs haven't -- -- very cold metal stents are. Yeah. Right now and it -- not just turning 31 years old she turned 31 yesterday and she had a massive birthday bash this was in Beverly Hills at a -- restaurant. And she had. Kinds of antics going up so there -- thought he arrived in her pink and that he may have. And this is only the beginning of the whole thing. She had three cakes because she is so that -- assets. This is the very first -- it was a pink microphone that read happy birthday to the most talented woman on this planet. And then she had in check it Alex then Tiffany and co box but it red -- and -- And then the very best relief and asks that is approved cake. We can show you that it's just -- two graphics and sooner -- -- hazelnut -- -- -- -- world is now safeties are caught it. And of course she had a group of friends there chopper everywhere brother and her stylist to childhood friends you know. All kinds of -- new cut up and -- when it comes to the Hollywood world thanks. It's EMC by the way for that video there. Ben Affleck talking a Playboy in in an interview real shocker an actor he reveals and we played more than -- terrifying run in the paparazzi. Involving his two daughters and he just said that you know he got caught in situation and it was actually a stalker or. Win the paparazzi sort of mingled in the -- talked about how that that that -- was in the pac. They didn't know he was the guy who's checking the murderous anti terror and he just it just says it's really hard to deal with all -- -- paparazzi news don't know who's also part of that patents chair with his kids taught him.

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{"id":21159731,"title":"Gordon Ramsay Battles Muppets in Cook-off","duration":"3:00","description":"A web video pits the celebrity chef against Kermit, Piggy and the gang.","url":"/WNN/video/gordon-ramsay-battles-muppets-cook-off-21159731","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}