Government Shuts Down After Lawmakers Fail to Agree on Funding Bill

The first government shutdown in nearly two decades leaves many agencies unstaffed.
2:35 | 10/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Government Shuts Down After Lawmakers Fail to Agree on Funding Bill
America this morning. We begin this Tuesday with the federal government according to a halt at midnight agencies -- ordered to shut down due to lack of funds lawmakers -- well into the morning but still could not resolve those differences and no new talks are scheduled for today and begin our coverage of ABC's to -- Bradley on Capitol Hill tomorrow. John and Diana good morning the Republican controlled house and President Obama have certainly come close to this in the past but they've always avoided a shutdown. Not this time. At the stroke of midnight the US government partially shut down. This is a very sad thing for our country. Congress worked into the wee hours of the morning but failed to break the bitter budget standoff over president Obama's health care law. House Republicans are now pushing for a meeting with senate negotiators in order to work out a deal that would change the affordable care law and fund the government for six weeks I would hope that the senate. -- would accept our offer go to conference and discuss this so we can resolve this for the American people. But senate majority leader Harry Reid says he -- only -- three to the meeting if the Republicans pass a short term funding bills with. -- changes to obamacare. We will not go to conference with a gun to -- head. It's unclear how long the shutdown will last but for now 800000. Federal workers deemed nonessential will stay home today without pay. National parks like Yosemite are shuttered. Visitors who are staying in a hotel or campground will be given 48 hours to leave. And veteran support senators are closed but not everything will be affected by the shut down overnight President Obama signed a bill to fund US troops. After serving in harm's way we're gonna make sure you have what you need to succeed in your missions. Overnight -- suite from president Obama's Twitter account saying that despite the government shut down the new health insurance marketplace. Opens for business today John Diana. Such might mention that the president's Twitter account has been active all night haven't heard anything from speaker -- We sure have Diana speaker Boehner tweeted everyone is tweeting Twitter exploded on this topic. Overnight speaker Boehner placed the blame on senate Democrats he said they are unwilling to discuss the problems. With Obama care. That hardline position as well as democrats' unwillingness to -- is how we got to this mess. All right tomorrow Bradley -- on Capitol Hill thank you.

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{"id":20428234,"title":"Government Shuts Down After Lawmakers Fail to Agree on Funding Bill","duration":"2:35","description":"The first government shutdown in nearly two decades leaves many agencies unstaffed.","url":"/WNN/video/government-shuts-lawmakers-fail-agree-funding-bill-20428234","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}