Government workers could go another week without pay

The longest government shutdown in history is now raising questions about travel and food safety. ABC News' Serena Marshall reports.
2:05 | 01/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Government workers could go another week without pay
We turn to the growing concerns about airport security as more TSA workers call out sick refusing to work without pay during the government chucked out. Another missed paycheck is looming this week for federal workers. As it said it plans to introduce president Trump's newest proposal to end the shut down. A proposal Democrats say it's dead upon arrival ABC Serena Marshall has the very latest Serena good morning. To name Victor good morning to you and the TSA says they are going into uncharted territory as a shutdown continues to drag on its American families that are paying the price. The shutdown showdown over border security raising questions of flight and food security for American families they sit security. Stop spinning their security. System saves me. This Stanley and a trip to Atlanta but left their kids at home worried the shutdown is made flying less safe. At Baltimore Washington international airport a TSA line clothes does seek out escalates. Last reported at 10% of the workforce. More than triple the normal rates why would it work for free. Who else my wife also. There is peace and security officers so we have lost both our incomes having to decide to doing gas money to get to work or food for their families. I have not bounded by you know by most of the mill. Food banks in the kind hearted stepping in to help these women handing out gift cards. Bank of America chased PNC and Wells Fargo allowing these government workers to make a late payments and in some cases adjust loans. We're gonna see borrowing massive disruptions in the airline system and the United States but may be a complete shock now. But is not just the TSA a 100000 Americans many working without pay. From the Coast Guard still rescuing those it's C. To NASA flight controllers. Lawmakers are back in Washington of that elusive word compromise is still missing Mitch McConnell plans to introduce a bill that includes a president's border initiative. But he'll need sixty votes and Democrat strain our remaining united in their desire to reopen the government and then negotiate today Victor de Serena following the growing impact says the shutdown drags on pink jail.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"The longest government shutdown in history is now raising questions about travel and food safety. ABC News' Serena Marshall reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60535896","title":"Government workers could go another week without pay","url":"/WNN/video/government-workers-week-pay-60535896"}