GPS Leads Driver Into Lake

A woman in Ontario ended up in a lake one foggy night when her GPS gave her the wrong directions.
2:55 | 05/16/16

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Transcript for GPS Leads Driver Into Lake
Time now for the makes it we've all become so accustomed to our GPS and following all of those directions no matter where it's leading these. Well for one woman that turned into a bad idea on foggy. Dark Knight and and Ontario Canada this is where her car and led heard the GPS is I don't keep going in and let her down this boat ramp. If you can really saying because of the foggy conditions Aaron think we're on. If she ended up in the Water Cube and luckily she was able to get their windows down. Swam out of there. He's fine the 23 euros five but. That combination ticked appeared following the GPS you probably don't know the area very well yes exactly he was sobered by the ways and that didn't play a part in all of this and just. Have direction as you Kathleen Leon to an off ramp one. Would guess that I've been very quick before I realized what was round and managed to in the car not fund them. So let's take you now over to a softball game because of this player made it quite a play not only good for the softball game that may be good for track and field of softball they can. Tell you give a lot of epicenter and they send a player over the catcher and she gets this and it's what and in thumb up. What hasn't played she's running court. Homemade they sent her home. Movement she realized the catcher has evolved fishing December Everett wound catcher probably thought she had her foot. Pond on homemade but she did not. And nice they get it right not only did it go right wrote but it was the rating while winning run 31 army overly high while the threat. Really good play. There's been a recurring theme throughout this year's commencement. All across the country and we're seeing it played out all on top of the caps of graduates. Game of loans is one of them creative loans with. The iconic now Michael Jordan crying and I waited four years for this. So take different part of the reason for this is but his the 2016 class. Borrowed to finance or degrees will leave college with from record amount of debt the average 37000. Shall be persecuted on average this year. Every time we think college educated more expensive think you get. Cuts and I want to show you this when I don't think involved a college degree. Just a man a lot of creativity a love of music and an adorable both let's listen. Sort of pet food. Creating full on being. Really into of the dogs who spent electorate. That's what yeah. You so much. Through town.

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{"id":39137655,"title":"GPS Leads Driver Into Lake","duration":"2:55","description":"A woman in Ontario ended up in a lake one foggy night when her GPS gave her the wrong directions.","url":"/WNN/video/gps-leads-driver-lake-39137655","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}