The Grammys Sets a Dress Code

The award show issues an advisory to cover anything that could cause a wardrobe malfunction.
3:25 | 02/07/13

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Transcript for The Grammys Sets a Dress Code
Welcome never batted just Vietnam vet the -- are dedicated Willis. Alexis toilet -- -- Wear your safety hitting a her -- -- with the grammys coming up. An annual Grammy needs to have apparently sent out -- -- advisory to attendees. AM and this is because there. Wardrobe problems that we've seen in past years and that's good. It isn't that to be awards but -- -- not -- now this is what's really does it want to read you some of the quotes that came -- lifted from the advisory. Be sure that not -- and female breasts are -- -- covered Dong type costumes are not allowed bear side door under curvature of breasts are deemed it. Problematic. And the we'll miserable -- -- herbs or. -- who knows it because that -- -- also not allowed and -- through the see through clothing that could possibly exposed. Female breast neck bones. Also not allowed sound you do it you -- sheer shirt and show male nibbles female rebels not -- that's. Lose the -- don't punish my -- that's not. This waves go forward. Ring may have the greatest track -- down. I had like vetoes brought -- -- hear what they say so we'll see who breaks the rules it's always dependent. Also big news here. Hangover free is now gonna come I love Jones -- -- good people look bad. -- navy buddies hey I don't want to know what my favorite movies of all time hands down. -- -- Didn't really get a great reviews from the epicenter about anniversaries it's going to be really really different -- got to -- back to the first movie -- -- really interesting way. There's still going to be four guys and crazy -- -- adventure they see this really has the ending to the hangover trilogy desperately miss that it was a cultural phenomenon when it came out dead broke and made a ton of money so sure. And this one over three will hanging out I'm Aguilera. Yes all of that substance stay tuned for the hang over three coming out. May 2013. -- -- -- -- -- reading that correctly yes but yet. It takes you know shoestring in three dollars to make those movies nowadays and goods. And OK so now -- -- your wife and I and I apologize that I have to talk about this story but. -- -- -- -- -- Pledged that -- against gun violence witnessed anything happened and she encouraged took -- followers to do -- -- well. She posted on Twitter. This picture which is. Obviously he's going against everything it's diamond encrusted and it's a really cute guy and I get -- -- Not not -- after he signed the pledge and ask your people to sign the pledge as well. Suddenly she quickly deleted it obviously realizing the hypocrisy of this and she's posted other pictures of her and on reports. And it can never been known for her big break in the this thing that also. Yeah Chris rattles back in court in relation to the 2009 and issue with -- and guess who shows up with Rihanna herself her back in quarters -- trying to figure out this part of Italy. At -- as part of his probation did he skipped out on the community service he was required to do well -- beating her. So there -- is still standing by -- man.

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{"id":18427703,"title":"The Grammys Sets a Dress Code","duration":"3:25","description":"The award show issues an advisory to cover anything that could cause a wardrobe malfunction.","url":"/WNN/video/grammys-sets-dress-code-18427703","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}