Grand Prank at Grand Canyon

A girl takes a photo of herself over a ledge at Grand Canyon to scare her mother.
3:00 | 11/21/12

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Transcript for Grand Prank at Grand Canyon
Welcome almost -- -- Local political welcome back Geoffrey Robinson speak up and not hit back at and amp. I have -- on this kid had a lot of fun on -- and she without the Grand Canyon. And decided to pry her mom was nervous about -- little -- -- about the Grand Canyon so she's sick and didn't. That. This. It already with the captain instead mama's worried about my trip to -- -- Did I sit here this picture but this thing since has gone pretty models will be able freaked out won't come letters say my sister in law which of the Grand Canyon when -- -- there were no -- The case so worried and nervous for -- one. Visiting there the G had to leave his doesn't give us all of -- -- really freaked out of the -- actually was standing on alleged that need. She was safe and secure because what it it freak your mom out a little bit that's. That is a very -- -- Horrible got to act of fighting -- well well done the football -- -- hot prosecutor dated the semi they had animals. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the story that that you will embrace it's a new study and it says a quarter woman with. Dump their man if their -- like him that it is 825%. Ridiculous some -- -- handling you you're -- I'm not only that. -- and have claimed they say hello to their daughter -- report anyone else when they get home. Men on the flip side seem to be a little bit more forgiving only 12% -- they would split the department of their pet didn't take to her. The study carried out by an animal health organization -- about 40%. The owners surveyed. What -- their own life to save their animal. -- -- People libretto before they think I'm such an animal hater that I despise -- I don't despise hello you know kicked it is down the street from you know hobby. And it people get a -- Obsessed -- who -- their whole life. -- I'm really give them but will -- lower if we get for other -- -- we get our -- into the world will be a better place on the same get a little. Perspective but yeah I had to girlfriend that -- and -- the dogs knew I'd like it but it was not you wonder why. Video with a good to have -- this article is pretty funny here. New York City courses. Always -- progressive side of things. Replacing pay phones which lets face it newspaper or that cellular world they're replacing it with 311 touch screen don't give information -- have emergency alerts. Business deal that may download to your Smartphones. See like sandy they become distressed devices but it is set this up. About 250 across New York city's. Five Boroughs -- a few every day and even if either even specially engineered. Also they can be sprayed clean -- vandals decided to take aim at -- so another sign of the times but my paper -- Fellow Smart screens in New York City might have talent like what is that -- Yeah I shall never now.

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{"id":17775676,"title":"Grand Prank at Grand Canyon","duration":"3:00","description":"A girl takes a photo of herself over a ledge at Grand Canyon to scare her mother.","url":"/WNN/video/grand-prank-grand-canyon-17775676","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}