The great American solar eclipse

Americans from coast to coast are preparing for the nation's first total solar eclipse in 38 years.
2:46 | 08/21/17

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Transcript for The great American solar eclipse
Well back here at home we are counting down to the first North American eclipse in nearly forty years. And we are now just hours away from the great American a clips. Thousands are can't doubt near pine build more again for the best. You and officials are bracing for what could be the worst traffic jam in US history. As millions converge on the path of totality that somebody mile wide band. That will experience darkness in the middle of the day. A band that stretches from Oregon to South Carolina ABC's Martha Gonzales joining us now from. Lincoln city Oregon where the mayor of that town says that he has procured every dollar house he can get its hands on for the big event to morning Marcy. Good morning getting even when they get a first place that anyone in this country will be able to see this. The total eclipse will be visible here just for 1015. This morning and then for the next hour and a half the moon's shadow will move east what Alley the millions of people along the way. The wait is finally. Great American eclipse yeah. And my country. Hear from origins uses them to be one of the prime locations. To South Carolina competent pitch for Charleston because we're the last place were also the best place to be all is protected by those essential eclipse glasses and turning upward today. For this long anticipated celeb steel. Show not until August 21 Teddy seventeen. Well another eclipse be visible from North America that's 38 years from now. Well the last total solar eclipse here in the mainland US was in 1979. And Canada it's been nearly a hundred years since the total eclipse crossed from coast to coast plots and a lot of time and hear you now people from every state and around the world. Celebrate. Camping out crowding small towns and causing major traffic jams. All to be in the path of totality. Where the moon seventy mile wide shadow will cross parts of fourteen states turning. For just a few unforgettable. Moments somewhere that of all their going to be our tell our kids. And people are still talking about that 1979. A clips were not far from here. Clouds blocking their view for a whole lot of people. And so for this morning it is looking a little bit cloudy but we're here not the forecast is pretty good here for the last chance to see in the clips Indy US. Until 20/20 four. Kenneth and Linda. Everyone's got their fingers across Marci Gonzalez live in Lincoln city Oregon thanks so much like him our soldiers we thankful when the sun comes outspoken warming up there in fifty degrees at Lincoln city. Thanks Marcy.

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{"id":49330354,"title":"The great American solar eclipse","duration":"2:46","description":"Americans from coast to coast are preparing for the nation's first total solar eclipse in 38 years.","url":"/WNN/video/great-american-solar-eclipse-49330354","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}