A Handyman Threatened at Gunpoint

A handyman is forced to do repairs after being beaten and threatened at gunpoint.
2:55 | 12/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Handyman Threatened at Gunpoint
Welcome back everybody kind of bizarre weird story here with the good and have never heard -- anything quite like this comes out of the San Jose California area here. Authorities say a handyman was literally threatened. To meet -- and then forced to do repair work and home by two suspects it all started there was a dispute -- -- about work he had gotten 41 of the suspects -- relatives so they literally. Kidnapped this guy had forced him to spend seven hours at a home there in the San Jose area. If you -- repeatedly -- -- and you work on household appliances all this went down on Monday. Somehow they try to driving to another location he escaped and called 911 at least ultimately -- -- with the suspects since outside kind of convenience stores they literally the -- -- back in -- like -- -- except for seven hours and got violent with them but he escaped so again if it helped. To be a -- in every sense of the word differently is to get a power screwdriver and -- that they gave him. What have you he had views -- criminals don't look less than any people that's like that in the -- -- -- Angelina. Can tell by the time my voice I'm feeling right now. Little sense -- hometown Oklahoma we have. It's all right okay well and then the in the not too distant future your thumb will be able to detect your feelings. You finally get there they're feeling -- -- in the sound of your voice. They will be able to detect if your -- and automatically put you on the side maybe -- -- cue up that prescription for the anti depressants researchers have developed an algorithm that detects human emotions -- speech. They'll they'll be able to take me the anger sadness disgust. Happiness here and neutral -- likes and now -- -- not because you. But because he hears. Triggers your voice of Paul he sounds upset you need -- -- you you know but. Taylor whatever -- attacked him. It's a -- was makes you feel better and didn't put itself on vibrant. Of course we -- -- visual things in television news but this is so why not dogs being taught. How to drive you -- -- about that is. -- She's here always shot me help you yes the get a dog that can drive it must be a road where the fifth straight -- -- to them and talk to get behind we -- that's all these and so. There's that's funny idea why they -- doing this right now. It doesn't really matters to -- driving something. India that they -- sitting too -- -- can reduce your life expectancy for health -- with some researchers have developed a city -- set up a loud beeping noise. If you don't -- for a long period of time and then if you try to sit back before you've taken an extended break. -- that the siren again. Really yeah. Yeah really had -- -- I'm -- evenly tightened into the Cherokee get up either.

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{"id":17891465,"title":"A Handyman Threatened at Gunpoint","duration":"2:55","description":"A handyman is forced to do repairs after being beaten and threatened at gunpoint.","url":"/WNN/video/handyman-threatened-gunpoint-17891465","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}