Hangover 101

Did you ring in the new year a little too hard? Our Will Ganss has some tips to help with that hangover!
3:05 | 01/01/20

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Transcript for Hangover 101
Here has another look at Times Square in New York City where most of the party years. Gone home. Sanitation department is working into the night to clean up the mess left behind by that. Million plus spectators definitely. They'll pick up several million tons of trash. I deeply and whether that call that's odd jobs here he got that right I was happy then not waiting that's right. And and has those New Year's revelers find their way home at this hour we hope they're doing it responsibly there are likely destined to wake up later this one with a whopper of a hangover. I'm not asked we've been here. And there are ways to toast the new year without regret. Our own will Ganz has put together that hang over 101. Morning after a big night out. Isn't only season. But there are ways to keep your world from crumbling fighting off a hangover of Hollywood proportions. According to doctor Imran Ali the most important thing to remember you become badly dehydrated. You know for every 215. Milliliters. All alcohol use about a liter of water they think can do for yourself is to hydrate. Drink plenty of water but before you call 911 hears the rest of your hangover won a line eat food low blood sugar makes some hangover symptoms worse. So practiced can help fix that fears no research that says Greece here fried foods are especially helpful. But there's no research that says they aren't next take a pain reliever. Aspirin and Ibuprofen or guide. But not Tylenol you don't want to take Tylenol. Because how cruel can affect your liberty delivers already trying to make tablets all the alcohol snacking quite dangerous and fluids are your friends Gatorade water and a little bit a coffee that caffeine can help. But don't overdo it. We want to keep the fluids in the body. The big winner PD a light originally made for kids feeling under the weather it's perfect for bigger kids after one too many cocktails. Video light says it's got two times more electoral late sodium than other sports drinks. And less than half the sugar. One other idea that you may not have heard of if you go to in natural food store you know you can get something called prickly pair of Jews. Is from a practice that grows in the southwest and actually have been shown to decrease inflammation. And finally as hard as it is to hear squeeze in a workout endorphins and sweating out some of the blues we'll turn your day around. Some things to avoid. Hair of the dog. All of them most and may help temporarily. Our doctors says that's a slippery slope which could lead to alcohol dependence. And that Caribbean hangover tips have rubble landing in your armpit. That doesn't work either scientifically speaking of course. Smack dab like other work. A little. That experiment by women are great. This is not the air but hot and get in there. Nude beaten irate so. Busy dude you got okay.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Did you ring in the new year a little too hard? Our Will Ganss has some tips to help with that hangover! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68016577","title":"Hangover 101","url":"/WNN/video/hangover-101-68016577"}