Hottest Must-have Toys For This Holiday Season

Marissa DiBartolo, senior editor at Toy Insider, reveals this year's must-have toys guaranteed to light up some faces this holiday season!
4:36 | 11/15/16

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Transcript for Hottest Must-have Toys For This Holiday Season
Believe it or not the holiday season is just a few weeks away which means right now is a good time to start thinking about that gift shopping. And for the kids on your list we are checking out some of the season's. Hottest holiday toys and joining us not give us a little warmer city Bartolo senior editor of the toy insider risen thanks so much. I love what you brought him today let's let's get right to it that absolutely style will start with animal jam one of the hottest online video games for kids. It's coming to the flavor in this here is our club GAO's dance party placed south Lebanon has the Disco ball it has a Disco ball that really stands a repressed they're eating baton. She kept it. So we're ready for fun dance party comes at an exclusive figure and then kicking collect even more figures have a full partly because so cute Nokia speaking of Q speaking of you I'd like to introduce UTU. The cutest puppy you've ever seen this is snuggle my dream puppy snuggle he has so he has a really expressed that they. How well. If it. So yeah. Are you saying that you're not alone knows a little bit big ticket how they spent here you can read his belly compile his head even he had his little five. I react to that. He's so motive yes he really is he's just like having a real happy well a lot easier to take care and absolutely he's so cute he's definitely got topping kits which lets this year and so cute I wanna put in front of my pet bunny Franken just watch his reaction and OK so trolls as one of the most exciting new kids' movies of the year and it's all about the music sent to celebrate. We can sing along to the awesome soundtrack with ours I are trolls. Self be start video recording microphones. Reading at that time Christmas dad so we just have to hit the little record buttons here. And then he can sleep. We're gonna doesn't Kimberly. I can see but you win you games game day and I know. And yeah. Which you can that's very lovable for. You know I didn't include sixty day. That's kids and many didn't need. Yes you can record the video's David share with your friends and family so much fun I have a one person party that he can't myself I have a great time Morris show act SATA this year Barbie is dining and lab coat that is he going to the -- so kids can learn all about important stand skills with the Barbie stem can't hasn't they're gonna build up seven different models like that so there's everything from the spinning closet to I had next after -- had a long day at the lab she can relax. Looking at you so everything has real working parts that moves that kids can really learn all that engineering. And she's. Now yes I guess I'm afraid of flats. Begay says Star Wars rogue one is hitting theaters on December 16. And to celebrate we've got an awesome new interactive storm trooper figure some repress his bout. How OK that's him really awesome sounds. He also recognizes his jet accident when retired this San. He is ready for takeoff. Tolerate. Seeing it tail 49. Yeah absolutely he is so much patent and then. There are no because my nephew would acts obsessed with it yeah last year and I had to buy him all the specific figurines and couldn't hit it. So this is the brand new sky Landers and matching theirs and unlike nannies islanders before. Kids can actually create eight their own custom characters with this activity but it carried on a place like racing Chris so right on there. And watches art custom character will jump to light inside the games I've pre made this one. But I'll show you all of the different customization options that are available. So now. Let time seeing re all. So we can change her look anywhere you want me from the kids can make a parent that they can do everything themselves making create any has Eleanor they want. And then making even had custom character 3-D printed from activist and it's so cool it's saying given the option of signing you know captures our attention but also that get them to be creative and absolutely and of course than when there's on creating a complaint came just like normal to me. Well for more information on these and other hot holiday toy ideas you can check that toy into air dot com as well as our FaceBook page WNN fans that come. Science at a senior amorous neighbor plumbers and always great to have you on thank you so much. And that we stay with us we'll be right back you're watching world news now. Think again this weekend.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Marissa DiBartolo, senior editor at Toy Insider, reveals this year's must-have toys guaranteed to light up some faces this holiday season!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"43543713","title":"Hottest Must-have Toys For This Holiday Season","url":"/WNN/video/hottest-toys-holiday-season-43543713"}