'Hunger Games' Sequel Has New York Premiere

The eagerly awaited sequel opens to a star-studded welcome.
3:00 | 11/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Hunger Games' Sequel Has New York Premiere
-- the Hunger Games catching fire had its New York City premiere last night Jennifer Lawrence. Hemsworth Stanley Tucci and other stars -- -- preview the flick that comes out. On Friday and my -- can't -- Hello my gosh everybody is excited about this socialist really give otherwise it -- not just and I did not read the book I watched the movie and I thought it was very carefully to see -- on yeah should be really cool. -- -- are skinny let's get started all right well. Let's display right from the beginning last week we showed you this awesome video John Paul van dam the muscles from Brussels when it's amazing split on to -- -- trucks do we happen every -- -- There's just not so we showed you last week and I guess the the guy still got it. Well anyway. C'mon now do are split. Bush getting -- -- 121 jump street named Jenny yes stud Channing Tatum while he decided to little parity of it action network for -- and -- split let's switch on campus. He's definitely feeling in his backpack I'm standing on two -- by the way. Not moving trucks already -- Indians got -- -- Any glaring at Winslow repeated -- he doesn't let doesn't like his -- Dynegy said. That's for some unseen until -- -- a guy that's about right up there and that is exactly what happened if I drive that -- -- -- -- out of Clark yes so check out Chris Brown. This long and convoluted story try to stick with me do you guys remember her last month he got into a scuffle Washington DC where he hit a guy who he said he was trying to get -- he has tour bus we talk about -- Arrested because it and then decided to voluntarily checked himself into anger management to rehab for anger management. Well -- been kicked out of anger management rehab because he threw -- -- into his mom's car mom's car hit another car. Of shattering a window when she suggested that he stay in anger management a little bit and are allowed. Now. -- at a court hearing from the probation up when he beat up his girlfriend back in 2009 Rihanna we all remember that I said it was convoluted. The judge has suggested that he will return to -- rehab and not only that they've added stipulations to the conditions of him for his probation now -- -- to form at least 24 hours of community service labor all week. And -- his admitted drug testing as he is dealing with his anger management issues. Until you release after your mom's insurance and what's your anger management he -- yeah. On the way to go about -- and -- kicked out of anger and it. -- have just about Adam Levine just voted the sexiest man alive by people -- Here lot of people out aren't sure about it whatever got a good start before god that they hate he's getting on social media it's not surprising we know about this but anyway. Listen to some of these codes so sorry nothing sexy about a man -- six serial -- they also on FaceBook quote I mention his nasal whiny voice. I don't got it wrong got a wrong responder diversity voiced dismay. Was this like this to anybody draft next two days double guys with hair growth creeping down their necks or in then yes I can see why people chose this guy this is Robin -- on -- -- -- Who votes in these surveys blind people. Northstar and reaction. I hope PS -- centuries now it's heating vote themselves and folks and let's -- I you know what I said -- yesterday I don't know but it's so much -- -- you know great spot taking -- morning. It's been the idea about it and the whole thing it'll kind of package that's a really nice picture of him scanning space again -- You didn't think.

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{"id":20961104,"title":"'Hunger Games' Sequel Has New York Premiere","duration":"3:00","description":"The eagerly awaited sequel opens to a star-studded welcome.","url":"/WNN/video/hunger-games-sequel-york-premiere-20961104","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}