Hurricane Harvey breaking records

Harvey has already smashed records for rainfall as the storm begins to impact other parts of the Gulf.
2:43 | 08/30/17

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Transcript for Hurricane Harvey breaking records
ABC's Amazon joins us right now from peace and good morning last. I their candidate Diane certainly we all rejoice when we saw the sun peek out for the very first time. And this to give you some perspective of how much rain we've gotten here in Harris County. More than a trillion gallons that the equivalent of this teen Niagara Falls so you can imagine how elated people here are despite. All of the hardships that lie ahead for so many people and add the first glimmer of hope. According to Houston officials they say they are. For the first time since Harvey hit starting to see some of those reservoirs and buying is receiving. For the first time since Harvey roared into town the sun peeked out of Houston sign for just a few minutes it was a brief moment of hope. After five days of record breaking rain and devastation. There have been at least nine confirmed deaths including Houston police officer Steve Perez he drowned in floodwaters just two days shy of his 61 birthday. Didn't find him what turned out conductor it was too treacherous. Good to go under and look for the official tally of rescues topping thirteen thousand but the actual number could even be higher. And still the calls for rescue continue to pour in more than a thousand in Houston are still waiting for help. It's all the way after the roads guys opening games in. I hate that they get their people in these houses. Here in Houston donations are pouring in by the truckload. And yet there is more need. Can't imagine. Joseph is good renting it it's it's sort of cool you know what it had due Monday. Many shelters beyond initial capacity. We went from 5009000. In just a few hours flying over encouraging people if they need shelter. You come here and seek shelter for you. That may not have all of the amenities for them like. And in New Orleans residents all too familiar with floods are once again using sandbags. On the twelfth anniversary of Katrina. Brought back a lot of memories. Really evoked a lot of emotions then and heartbreak. The mayor of New Orleans said that there was no city that. Except in more people from. The aftermath of Katrina than here in the city of Houston. And I have to tell you can this and Diane. Speaking to people hearing the stories of people who lived through Katrina pulling out to be faced with the devastation in hearing half and in. Houston and throughout the Gulf Coast reads that region. Following Harvey it's just hard. Breaking news senator Dianne the hardest part to put together an all this of them and the these people are doing for it with this for the second time. Lot of thanks so much for being out there for us yourself. Safe out there.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Harvey has already smashed records for rainfall as the storm begins to impact other parts of the Gulf.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"49508452","title":"Hurricane Harvey breaking records","url":"/WNN/video/hurricane-harvey-breaking-records-49508452"}