Impeachment vote expected today

Unlike the first Trump impeachment, there is Republican support this time. ABC’s Alex Presha reports.
4:01 | 01/13/21

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Transcript for Impeachment vote expected today
One week ago today the US capitol came under attack by a mob of president stumps supporters and today the house chamber targeted by that Bob is set to impeach. President from making him the first president in US history. To be impeached twice unlike the first time when they impeach the president Democrats this time. Will have support from at least some Republicans. But their effort to invoke the 45 amendment to remove the president from office failed last night in vice president Mike Pence explained why. That previous court stand. Fares. All right it. Overnight that house voting in favor of calling on vice president Mike Pence to strip president trump of his power after that deadly attack on the capital. The facts are very clear. The president called for this Sid Vicious attack. Four days he urged supporters to come to Washington. For the interaction. But the boat overnight purely symbolic because only hands can invoke the 25 amendment to remove track from office and hours before the vote. Pinks wrote this letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declaring that using the 25 amendment would not be in the best interest of our nation. Pitts argued the amendment was designed to address presidential incapacity or disability and is not a means of punishment but in his letter the vice president did not defend try and did not mention impeachment. Today house is expected to approve one article of impeachment charging the president with willfully inciting violence against the government. We're gonna walk down to the capital. If you don't fight like hell you're not gonna have a country anymore. It comes as more Republicans turn on trump publicly supporting his removal from office to allow the president United States to incite this attacker but are consequences. As a direct threat to the future of this democracy. For this reason I will vote to impeach this president. Overnight at least five house Republicans said bill vote to impeach. Including Michigan congressman Fred Upton and congresswoman Liz Cheney the third highest ranking Republican member Cheney the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney writing. Trump summoned this mob assembled this mob and lit the flame of this attack. Adding there has never been a greater betrayal by a president of the United States. Up his office and his oath to the constitution meanwhile in the senate a source tells ABC news majority leader Mitch McConnell said he believes the president did commit impeachable offenses. Mitch McConnell who is infuriated with the president has not spoken to him since before the attack. And he I am told by two people close to the Republican leader. Welcomes the impeachment in the house that's said he has not said to anybody that I know of how he'll actually vote in the senate trial. The New York Times reports McConnell is quote pleased about the impeachment vote believing it will make it easier to purge from from the Republican Party. Also this morning Republican senator Rob Portman speaking out. Urging the president to address the nation in explicitly urged his supporters to remain peaceful and refrain from violence but trump in his first public appearance since the attack on the capital showed no remorse and took no responsibility. You read MySpace. That many people about it that I they did vote in the papers and in the media. On television. Has been out alive. People thought that what I said was totally appropriate. Free speech is under assault like never before. The 45 amendment is up zero risk to me. But we'll come back to haunt Joseph Biden and the Biden administration. As the expression goes be careful. What you wish for. Despite the expected impeachment and house today it's the senate that would need to convict the president to remove him from office and it remains unclear whether Democrats have enough support. They'd need at least seventeen Republican votes. And even though mr. Connell reportedly set he's quote pleased about the impeachment vote it's still unclear whether there would be enough votes to convict trough in the sept.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Unlike the first Trump impeachment, there is Republican support this time. ABC’s Alex Presha reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75218098","title":"Impeachment vote expected today","url":"/WNN/video/impeachment-vote-expected-today-75218098"}