Inauguration Day facts

ABC’s Will Ganss has your (apolitical) Inauguration Day roundup.
2:22 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for Inauguration Day facts
And any political inaugural by the numbers roundup let's begin a three. One nation under god here we go. 135. Words that's the shortest inaugural address ever compliments of George Washington kicking off his second term. That'd tires feet shorter than that 737. Word sentence in the middle of John Adams 1797. Speech but the longest inaugural address. 8445. Words from William Henry Harrison he talked and talked and talked. For one hour and 45 minutes it is still stored data coat and. Guy. 31 days later of pneumonia seven degree that's the coldest inauguration on record. And 55 degrees is the warming both records set during a Ronald Reagan's swearing in ceremony. But inaugurations have included a reading by polling. Kennedy cue from milk and cue from Barack Obama speaking of. One point eight million people packed the National Mall in 2009 to watch his first inauguration the highest attendance on record. Four bucks that was the cost to get into the first ever inaugural ball celebrating president Madison back in eighteen note nine. One president in history affirmed rather then swore. To faithfully execute the office that was Franklin Pierce citing his religious ever shipped to swearing. 42 years old Teddy Roosevelt saved when he became the youngest person to be sworn into office after McKinley assassination. JFK was 43 years old when he became the youngest person elected into the office the median age of presidents born in its 55. President pride in becoming the oldest person on inauguration day. At the age of 78. To god moves in the White House items today and internal. God of. Yeah a major one last number three guys the average inaugural address is 2337. Words. So Jonathan Mona are you guys betting on the over the under for that at. Sudan. The middle of hurricane pentagon that it. A good management cool thanks for coming nine age. A tough stuff exit lack of keeping had been your fee to your fallows. The well thank you for those by the numbers.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"ABC’s Will Ganss has your (apolitical) Inauguration Day roundup.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75365427","title":"Inauguration Day facts","url":"/WNN/video/inauguration-day-facts-75365427"}