Insomniac Theater: 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl'

A sneak peek at two movies hitting theaters this weekend.
2:45 | 06/12/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Insomniac Theater: 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl'
Deborah of them had veered through builds opening today we got a big blockbuster for you but first we have a two month. It does it look what you might not know that this summit called. Meet an oral and the dying girl and at one of the top prize at the Sundance Film Festival and now it is set for a white release it follows the story. I've two best friends who like to make low budget films and they decide to make a film for a classmate Rachel. After getting some typical. News breach has been telling us with leukemia. Agents found. We tasks. Simon there. I. Exit serious. They're doing all kinds of tests are doing everything he can just. And that sucks. Your room. It's. Social event. It sucks quite open. Big fan of Connie Britton no big man and I Britain from national. The film premiered to a standing ovation at Sundance obviously the critics are loving this Peter Travers says it. Pulls the ground out from under you but stays the Smart as Smart ass to the end really really Smart ass till the end we can say that this Jeremiah loves its Weisman. I go. Third already made from the New York Observer says it is ten Derek club morrow wise and highly recommend it. All right let's compared to a summer blockbuster rubble not you that it profanity during this review. Direct the world even saying hearing when he about it twenty years after the first Jurassic Park the dinosaur theme park is re established however tenant. Rates are declining would you believe at the dinosaur. In part because humans are getting bored of dinosaurs scientists what do they do they did learn the lessons of what it what do they wanna genetically modified new attraction. Quits you can imagine where this thing going now. In the united. All right the next impact blockbuster reviews have been pretty good though Stephanie. Zack a Rick Warren's. How much you enjoy it will depend on your tolerance for watching dinosaurs Tom down on terrified you stupid. Richard Roeper saying it when they hand you your 3-D glasses you can check your brain at the door and pick it up on your way out. Mac could be a good thing I guess you want to just check out and enjoy the 3-D effect that's what it's supposed to be just in join us focusing. That's if that event.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"A sneak peek at two movies hitting theaters this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31717974","title":"Insomniac Theater: 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl'","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-theater-earl-dying-girl-31717974"}