Insomniac Theater: What's Hot at the Movies?

"Thor: The Dark World" and "The Starving Games" headline this weekend's opening movies.
2:36 | 11/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Insomniac Theater: What's Hot at the Movies?
It's Friday that can only mean one -- time now for our insomniac -- -- opening this weekend too big fantasy movies start out with Walt Disney and -- for the dark world actually already opened domestically last night Chris Hemsworth returning in the title role of a Norse god. Repackaged as an alien super -- opposite Natalie Portman as an astrophysicist. And his love interest. I had to put an end to the -- As excuses go phils. -- -- I saw you on TV lists -- New York. Should -- Force Protection from the dangers of my love us. I was all those fools. Movies already -- to help the 70% on rotten tomatoes but the reviewers either loved or hated Michael Bergen -- paste magazine writing. It's outlandish way occasionally silly and surprisingly fun. The New York Times writes -- -- with the New -- times she's not generous she writes. It is filled with multiple ADC's eyeballs are too busy recall reeling from the onslaught of disorienting 3-D effects I'll go oh. Are up next on the folks who brought us -- scary movie franchise comes a -- of last -- scifi thriller the Hunger Games this and instead called. The starving games. -- instead 88 post apocalyptic future the heroine here volunteers to take reinforces his place in the starting in sound familiar. Well here she is in the fight for her life. And -- -- -- So -- -- -- haven't been kind not at all in fact we haven't been able to find one single good review. We'll tell you about Eizenstat flickering with dot com writing the humor seems to have been created by typing out as many pop culture references -- possible. And asking the computer to randomly placed them. And Dustin Hoffman Chiming in 83 minutes that rancorous stereo -- lane bathroom gags an -- often baffling only outdated. Film references. I don't get it who whose huge mess up -- still -- -- Yeah if it is out there and -- You know -- add that to actually watch the starting -- you must I'm and that's the wanna and yeah I'm giving the ringing endorsement have a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Disney owned store I'm going all our shield --

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{"id":20825983,"title":"Insomniac Theater: What's Hot at the Movies?","duration":"2:36","description":"\"Thor: The Dark World\" and \"The Starving Games\" headline this weekend's opening movies.","url":"/WNN/video/thor-dark-world-starving-games-movie-reviews-20825983","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}