Iran Claims it Captures a US Drone

The Iranian government claims it has captured an unmanned drone.
1:09 | 12/04/12

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Transcript for Iran Claims it Captures a US Drone
What could be. A pretty serious escalation in tensions between the US and Iraq it centers this morning -- -- report that the a Ronnie and had captured an unmanned American drought for the very latest we are joined. From London by ABC's in makeshift -- good morning neck. Good morning rob good morning -- now we have no comment on this from the US but the -- audience claim. They brought down what's known as a scan eagle drowned after it violated a Ronnie and airspace now it's right now in an. US navy captains generally use them to watch their own ships this is not. An armed -- but still if the Iranians are brought it down the US we'll see that is a very aggressive. Action last month Iranians tried to shoot -- US -- in the same place almost exactly a year ago. The Iranians claim to have brought down a much more high tech -- one used by the CIA and that was inside -- -- -- territory. That he said this will raise tensions in a very sensitive area US has thousands of service members in the gulf just a few miles from Iran and of course the US -- continues to accuse Iran of trying to develop a nuclear weapon. -- -- -- I -- different with the latest from London.

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{"id":17873009,"title":"Iran Claims it Captures a US Drone","duration":"1:09","description":"The Iranian government claims it has captured an unmanned drone.","url":"/WNN/video/iran-claims-captures-us-drone-17873009","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}