Japanese Inventors May Have Eliminated Wrinkles

The Face Slimmer is a device designed to help reduce wrinkles.
3:00 | 07/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Japanese Inventors May Have Eliminated Wrinkles
Welcome back everybody of course the eternal quest just to stay looking young well once again. Old age -- apparently there is a wacky product that they -- from the Japan -- -- but you can order online called the face slimmer take a look at this thing -- your mind to those big plastic lips. What that could be. And saying well -- that any it. All right well -- did it with a. Yeah yeah. Hello World -- -- and. Facial skin and muscles the much needed daily live they need to spend three hits and three minutes every day repeating -- -- debasing tight. Here are your facial muscles to keep wrinkles on the -- 61 dollars at this can be yours you don't have been so. And sixteen well that. 61 dollars and quite a -- web page. And -- I don't know what the face what -- Tell -- it matters that is not good to please so that's good credit but with just over. Their faces and the other -- -- -- -- -- wonderful. You think you stretch it all out maintained it out then it's all wrinkle that's what it strengthens the muscles so obviously over time. Three minutes and -- saying the couple about it and now we just don't care -- for the. Here we have now are going to -- and this new line of it's already which is. Made -- -- something that I think it's quite disgusting. -- -- that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Ensure jewelry that is taking obviously statement Georgia completely -- hello hello -- me. Fine -- at CMR -- from LA apparently is selling that there. Her story to widen an 85 dollars whichever are being sort of get the material you I don't -- to use obviously doesn't small imperfections of -- -- color -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- break that is the most disgusting thing I've seen a very long time all right listen there's a woman goes to her doctor in Tennessee yes we -- back. Pain and the doctors -- -- very very. Layman's term -- interest in diagnosis take a listen. -- -- -- And what the problem is that there's ghetto booty. And then things get a lot. You think ghetto booty it's estimated he'd doubts what type up until like I have had talents and I have to be able to. To understand. Where he -- to me. -- -- -- Medical turf of the morning apparently did not -- despite trying to put in layman's terms did you actually have -- or lower doses which is a spying issue and but he said the term. Ghetto booty.

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{"id":19676211,"title":"Japanese Inventors May Have Eliminated Wrinkles","duration":"3:00","description":"The Face Slimmer is a device designed to help reduce wrinkles.","url":"/WNN/video/japanese-inventors-eliminated-wrinkles-19676211","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}