Jean-Claude Van Damme Performs Jaw-Dropping Stunt

Volvo airs commercial with the martial arts star doing a split between two trucks.
3:50 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for Jean-Claude Van Damme Performs Jaw-Dropping Stunt
Getting everyone and we're starting off with a commercial that we think he's pretty cool some of the -- I've seen in a really long time -- -- by Volvo right now it's -- overseas only. And the star and scene there as -- hunt them down -- take. What he does here he's standing on two trucks. Visit and that in that may be in separate ever so slightly. Some R&B -- now seeing a little higher. In pain wincing. Take a look at that. That's crazy. Amazon even -- -- -- just watched that don't yeah experts split right. Isn't it is an you know that the -- -- -- clashes little message that says this stuff was executed by trained professionals in a closed off area. Clearly he's a trained professional when it comes -- -- yes. Debating whether or not like that that the trucks -- CG wherever but it really doesn't matter the split looks authentic and we and we don't know the answer to that I totally -- about how they actually got that done but that's for a later time you think we're going in reverse. Now it looks like they're going in reverse I think they actually taped it going forward with him in the -- are coming together and then get right -- they're actually moving forward although it looks like the moving backward but we see the rewind it version of this national. I'm guessing CG but maybe I'm just a skeptic but this puts drills I mean that's really great but just how right John Oliver the -- killed -- four. Jon Stewart what do you on vacation in coming central lead to even though The Daily Show you also might was terrific possibly -- The Daily Show his legacy mailed and so -- you know this was coming. He's gonna get his all weekly comedy series -- HBO. He announced that on Thursday ten days as I'm incredibly excited join HBO especially as I presume this means I get free HBO now. Just right for -- -- -- right so yes -- got his own job. Very cool -- excited for him. -- -- -- -- -- can't get. But it's not something. They're double entendre I didn't deputy. If he admits NN GQ interview that he's still going -- -- get. -- -- -- that he got arrested back in 1999. Because he was playing the continent and neighbors called police and when police arrived they found that he was completely naked he says now what he does as he closes. The shades of his windows to make sure that you doesn't get arrested when he is nailing it. So hard on trying to run it back on the tape and find out exactly -- -- nailed it thing resonates with you -- let's say no that's not audio and on independence not sure -- and it's true. Yeah. All right lord the the the woman with the royals song as -- as chargers six 80. Youngest -- chart top one point five years the first person from New Zealand it's four yards pneumonia while apparently she's signed a negative publishing -- work toward a hefty box. An American company says you. Collaborating with the others on this as well he didn't -- -- and additional write songs for other artists. Sheen he's going to need. -- -- Finally she's only seventeen. Isn't so incredible about this story she's seventeen despite 2.5 million dollar deal to write songs from people yeah. This song about Levinson bulletins every second is an ailing it is -- well. If you didn't. -- -- We didn't. And DC. Area. Yeah. --

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{"id":20897443,"title":"Jean-Claude Van Damme Performs Jaw-Dropping Stunt","duration":"3:50","description":"Volvo airs commercial with the martial arts star doing a split between two trucks.","url":"/WNN/video/jean-claude-van-damme-split-moving-trucks-20897443","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}