JK Rowling Outed as Author of "The Cuckoo's Calling"

A lawyer's wife tweeted that Rowling was the author prior to books flying off the shelves.
3:28 | 07/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for JK Rowling Outed as Author of "The Cuckoo's Calling"
Welcome to the skinny everyone and we have a mystery that has been solved okay. We now know who leaked the identity of JK Rowling as being mysterious. Author of this. Novel called the cuckoo's calling so this novel came out under well how we now know was a -- as an author and it didn't. Have a great except than 181000 people -- there -- a couple of critics to set up paying pretty good book we're not sure what turned out to hear Rawlings was the author as soon and that was. Revealed. Flew off the shelves Amazon ran out -- aren't in back ordered and it jumped to number one -- we now know who -- this author. Apparently. It was sentenced -- this is a little there's a law firm one of the lawyers has -- wife. Lawyers best friend's wife -- meals to the world in -- -- That she knew that it was JK -- until it all backwards and and therefore even anyway an attorney you know confided in a person that he shouldn't have. Now. I was never out until it through the roof is that sort of makes you want to accelerate -- -- said essentially that it was just so great to be able to write a book without all the hype surrounding his arrogant blessing Brennan you know times -- a very shy person hip and now that -- Out of -- everybody is once again putting her front and center she said it was just nice exactly what got somebody I give her favorite -- ever seen that Netflix house of cards. I have -- I have not either but apparently it -- -- -- history on Thursday with top drama series nomination is the first time. That television. Awards have recognized the program delivered online. As equal to the best the TV -- officers revolutionary I feel silly for not having dead yet they got the nomination as well tonight not -- by the political thriller to marker in the unfolding revolution and how we watch and receive video entertainment groundbreaking according to the head of Netflix. -- new development there. OK so check this out Marc Anthony was honored with the possibility of says -- singing god bless America at the 2013. And healthy all star game here in New York City. And of course estimate expect he did and then name me an amazing job. Unfortunately. As means you may also -- So after this happened they're all kinds of -- tweets from people saying. The US shouldn't -- To sing the song. -- -- -- -- -- America I'm not only to. American morning -- -- -- -- You don't know -- -- Obviously that's clearly sending out racist treatment. Or the happens to be United States territories not only is he generic and that he's Americans like square. Ridiculous. Right according to the latest -- -- six from the New York Post leaving Gallagher the front man yet. -- -- -- -- Yeah he fathered a child out of matrimony which everybody knew with a reporter named Liz -- body story is -- -- -- profile Gallagher for the New York Times style section and article back in 2010. Apparently though that was just beginning of the relationship and now that sources -- page six -- -- resulted in the birth have a baby girl seven months ago. The gallery girl is the -- Gallagher is not -- ahead. -- but these days ago I wonder why you know how does not start seeing.

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{"id":19709350,"title":"JK Rowling Outed as Author of \"The Cuckoo's Calling\"","duration":"3:28","description":"A lawyer's wife tweeted that Rowling was the author prior to books flying off the shelves.","url":"/WNN/video/jk-rowling-outed-author-cuckoos-calling-19709350","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}