Johnson & Johnson promises 20 million doses by March

The one-dose vaccine still requires FDA approval. ABC’s Ike Ejiochi has the latest
2:04 | 02/23/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Johnson & Johnson promises 20 million doses by March
This morning new hope in the razorbacks made America. Johnson & Johnson which is waiting for FDA emergency authorization for single dose vaccine says it could deliver twenty million doses by the end of march. If true combined with the other vaccines the US would have enough doses in five weeks to backs made about half of all adults in the country. If we can see twenty million doses by the end of march that'll add to our supply would spies in Madera vaccines which will give us more than enough vaccines. TS 300 million Americans vaccinated by hopefully the end of summer which gets us closer Tora target. Herd immunity. In New York some vaccines have been deemed ineffective after miss I. A staffer at a Jones beach vaccination site added a hand warmer to a cooler that was carrying syringes and now dozens of people have to get re vaccinated. In the battle to reopen schools a new report from the CDC suggests it's teachers not students who play a central role in spreading Covert in the classroom. Kobe nineteen. Often occurred during in person meetings are lunches and then spread and are. The national cathedral ringing its bells for nearly one hour Monday market 500000 US deaths from covic. Bells rang once for every 1000. He wants for every death is taking 28 days. President by. Firstly the leading a moment of silence before the president addressed the nation drawing on his own experience with grief. The day will come. Memory of the loved one you loss from Burnett smile new lives before the tear here. For me. The way through. Sorrow and grief. As defined purpose. But this morning positive signs as infections and hospitalizations dropped New York is planning to reopen movie theaters at reduced capacity. And in Missouri this hospital now celebrating. Posting a picture of its nearly and Tico did you. And researchers in the lab in Alabama are developing a culvert vaccine in the form of a nasal spray human trials begin next week.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"The one-dose vaccine still requires FDA approval. ABC’s Ike Ejiochi has the latest","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76060327","title":"Johnson & Johnson promises 20 million doses by March","url":"/WNN/video/johnson-johnson-promises-20-million-doses-march-76060327"}