Jon Stewart Takes Hiatus From 'Daily Show'

The fake news anchor will take a hiatus this summer to direct his first feature film.
4:06 | 03/06/13

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Transcript for Jon Stewart Takes Hiatus From 'Daily Show'
I'm ready for the -- I'm pretty well let -- Jon Stewart I love and they're not funny most of The Daily Show big fans his. Well he's going to leave his show take a hiatus for twelve weeks and has. Gonna -- my heart stopped to help -- he's gonna try his hand at directing a film. How it's going to be hilarious whatever it is gets cold rose water to drama actually -- -- how funny it's going to be but I'll just say he does hopefully will be -- -- from a screenplay that he actually wrote it's gonna require get a twelve week absence from The Daily Show it's gonna cost estimate of thirty to forty million dollars. And they apps and so probably coincide with the summer hiatus one of the reasons is a quote from Jon Stewart one of the reasons we're in this business is to challenge ourselves. Up to him for challenging himself I hope it's a big success. Boy oh boy that's pretty -- -- magnifying glass when you Jon Stewart do when your first direct. You have -- don't want -- seen that good yet you get -- but it's good he's going to be like. The wonder even more -- wonder more than areas. Everybody on Fox's in Washington trash. I guarantee that -- can get into the Bill O'Reilly gets to stand on it. Okay now moving on to Taylor Swift who apparently gave -- interview. And to the April edition of Vanity Fair where she's sounding off on a couple of things as she says that -- think it's unfair that. A female writes about her feelings and then is portrayed as clinging. -- saying a desperate girlfriend in need of making you marry her and have her kids she says frankly I think it's a little sexist and she's. -- little upset about the fact that you can. Think hum boy crazy and everybody says that she's dated all of these guys in Hollywood but -- -- -- -- you know licensed to hand in hand -- exactly who that -- so. How about and that laurel slept -- all the way to the bank for sure yeah he -- Heads -- totally different all kind of -- related commingled do we. Some comments that were made by Amy -- the 2013 Golden Globe awards where she said. -- she warned Michael J. Fox his son Hershey warned. Tempted to say for Michael J. Fox some of the other vegetation that she -- -- now. Taylor's sentencing interviews said you know what and color she's going to -- -- -- -- fired back and telling the Hollywood reporter. Now I feel -- she's upset that you know what I. No I'm going to -- an estimate for other stuff -- boring taxes stuff not because of what has an idea that could. I'm giddy that weren't and I think this is what -- -- All right. -- -- -- Moving on to another controversy involving eight young talented person Justin did remember we set on the skinny that that the bands in England where he was holding a concert we're really there -- Manhattan and he was very late going on a show they started doing well apparently he tweeted I was forty minutes late to the -- as well yeah. Well yeah -- good. No excuse for that I apologize for anyone -- -- upset. However it was a great show I am proud of that and that they -- -- he blamed some technical glitches. On the back. That he was late. And you got to remember that these concerts I mean these are not grown ups necessarily go away for just in the coming -- these young teenagers of my school in the morning maybe. He can't be can't be over an hour late for show that starting you know they have beds and. I now ending knee in London apparently the subway system shuts -- down through midnight yell. These poor kids weren't you know waiting around for two hours is supposed to show up at 850 need it and get onstage until ten. And parity that's too late that still has apparently had a concert the following night where he showed up. Half an hour early to -- -- and it doesn't really make a difference at that point I took my daughter to a gosh I can't think it's as you think who -- Yes Kelly Clarkson concert and she was the headline act but she played before the other act which was the -- just because most of the -- -- young. -- home biggest events of -- are you little -- you let it. No you watch -- so because you're listening want to take some tips sentencing Kelly Clarkson -- -- -- -- Aren't coming -- a good -- he now about.

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{"id":18664242,"title":"Jon Stewart Takes Hiatus From 'Daily Show'","duration":"4:06","description":"The fake news anchor will take a hiatus this summer to direct his first feature film. ","url":"/WNN/video/jon-stewart-takes-hiatus-daily-show-18664242","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}