Justin Bieber Takes Plea Deal in Egg-Throwing Incident

Performer pleads no contest and will have to pay almost $80,000 in vandalism case.
3:33 | 07/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Bieber Takes Plea Deal in Egg-Throwing Incident
-- now for this -- topping -- celebrity headlines this morning just could be -- Many -- the troubled twenty year old pleaded no contest to a vandalism charge and get this he must pay. Nearly 81000. Dollars restitution. For the damage he caused to his neighbors California mansion. And remember he causes damage by digging his house in the -- really that's right the PD -- the kids against Hoffman got dragged. -- must also -- -- twelve weekly anger at twelve -- anger management sessions. At work five days of community service his drunken driving charge in Miami is still pending them. All right next gearing up for another cat fight Elizabeth hassle back gunning for Rosie O'Donnell -- who knew the fox host Fox News host and former cohost of the view says. She was hardly surprised about -- comeback announcement but Hasselbeck had some choice words for -- -- saying quote. She spit in the face of our military and spit in the face of our own network and -- the first time the two have -- Doesn't call me a tower road. I had who has not -- good things that he. -- -- Okay. Didn't you never dancing yourself the best -- -- yeah. Yeah. That's quite a source close to the -- -- -- the Hollywood reported. Declining by Hasselbeck. -- thinks he and O'Donnell actually interacted well on the set of Barbara Walters farewell show him. -- but to two strong women I watched that again because you got to watch that like once a year just -- the re live the moment. Tell you they just went at -- and Rosie O'Donnell's point was you didn't defend me when people were attacking me. And it's interesting that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is now saying she she said things. That were spitting in the face of our military and others zone completing just don't get is -- the Hollywood reporter saying that. They've played nicely at the -- well maybe -- operative word there is play old I want. What -- you -- Rosie O'Donnell invited Elisabeth Hasselbeck back on the show that would be talking at all that would be good TV -- look at you what you -- so I know hey look. -- -- We have some celebrity. Birthday glad tidings that's right Ryan Gosling girlfriend Eva Mendez. Are reportedly expecting the to. Are notoriously private about their relationship which started back in November 2011. Yup the couple met on the set -- 2012 drama that's. Place beyond the -- There baby is reportedly due in two months of birthdays celebrated two months and I've got -- gorgeous naturally -- -- -- I -- -- now not that -- they're now does not have enough but not enough support happy baby news. Robert Downey junior. He's got some good news yeah the 49 year old actor tweeting yesterday that he his wife Susan Downey are expecting their second child and their first daughter. Downey also has a twenty year old son indigo from his first marriage to Deborah -- And finally across the time we can't get enough Prince William special prince William and what's it just because -- not really there isn't the reason for his royal plot -- -- wetsuit at the oasis sports center in London yesterday to announce he's take over as president of the -- British. Some local club. From his father Prince Charles. What's fascinating could be --

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{"id":24500340,"title":"Justin Bieber Takes Plea Deal in Egg-Throwing Incident","duration":"3:33","description":"Performer pleads no contest and will have to pay almost $80,000 in vandalism case.","url":"/WNN/video/justin-bieber-takes-plea-deal-egg-throwing-incident-24500340","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}