Kanye West Kicks Off 'Saint Pablo' Tour!

The Grammy Award-winner surprises fans by performing while flying above the stage!
3:04 | 08/26/16

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Transcript for Kanye West Kicks Off 'Saint Pablo' Tour!
The French city start with cutting wet. His saint -- look for is under way. So this was a scene. I last night's opening in Indianapolis. Look at that fans getting quite a surprise as Kanye perform. A bulb the crowd on the flying stage. He has Anna Nicole Smith would say he rode the plane. Now we should say they don't say the end probably everyone else and as well he is tethered to this stage to make sure you can't follow up. It is make mention of what history and traditions for designs saying this one may be his best yet. It's absolutely amazing fans turned out there are looking for the stage and they had to look up the tour continues on until November its next stop is in Buffalo, New York tomorrow night. I think that they're neck for the people in the background a haven. But nose bleed loved it. Earlier this week we told you about Hollywood's highest paid actress is announced time for the actors of course I OK so I'll provide the drum roll this time coming and at number three. On the animals annual Forbes list. Matt Damon who. Jimmy Kimmel arch enemy may produce five million dollars over the last year mostly because of the success. Of the martian Jackie Chan came in second with 61 million dollars Chan makes most of his money from movies in China. Time and finally our friend Dwayne the rock Johnson took home more than 64 million dollars and that was double his earnings. In the year before and it's reportedly the most the rock has ever made. In a year. All the money came mostly from upfront fees from several films I think money came from his actress that it makes me feel hopeful. And it Iraq and all others with that big money they can be agents real estate it's so. We have a place for them it's all been described as the world's most expensive house if you can call it houses located. Along France's Mediterranean coast near the border with Italy. Some of its features ten bedrooms and an Olympic size pool there's also a 35 acre garden state golden chapel you name it it's been around since 1870. And it's close to the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Charlie Chaplin but there is a price tag reportedly on the market. Four are you ready for this one point one billion dollars. Step right up my proper to think. Scott had. And I think rapper Drake one thing we know that in the big basketball then he loves the game of course a hunt that rapper best known for to grassy next generation is a fan of Toronto Raptors in fact he's. Even the global ambassador for them well drink can play to. But the evidence here suit today. Crews tried to hit a half court shot knows how difficult that can be if you do it sitting down even harder when he was laying down and and really again it is I really believe that's one less.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"The Grammy Award-winner surprises fans by performing while flying above the stage!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41665936","title":"Kanye West Kicks Off 'Saint Pablo' Tour!","url":"/WNN/video/kanye-west-kicks-off-saint-pablo-tour-41665936"}