Kanye Wests Hosts Fashion Show for Yeezy Season 4

The rapper unveiled his latest collection for Adidas at a private show in New York City.
5:12 | 09/08/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kanye Wests Hosts Fashion Show for Yeezy Season 4
Time now for this Getty's starting with high. Tiny west season full work fashion show. The minimum ass. It's. The rapper showcases latest collection for added asset a private show on New York's Roosevelt Island yesterday featuring an array of quality. Multi racial women amid a backlash over his controversial cost legal threat some critics came out sick casting call is discriminatory. But now there. Focused on a new issue and that's that many are saying the show itself was just a hot mess guests say that they were trapped on charter buses from Manhattan for more than an hour. The show started ninety minutes late forcing models on extras to stand in their tight fitting at bits and heavy. Winter coats for more than an hour in the searing New York's summer. Heat some even pop stacked. Attendees took to Twitter to vent their fury Gerald Flores and editor in chief console collector tweeted it feels like we're being kidnapped. Fashion east editor Ellis having done Klein posted this photos saying be easy but is really glamorous guys. Especially when the bathroom door opens and nearly slaps us. Matthew should there may have said it best saying EZ is basically a middle school field trip. Do you think some of these designers they've put the models issues that no one could ever well in the even if the train model can walk in the shoes. Through people like me are definitely following an inflated face and it outfits they can't walk on an income I mean I don't I love it when fashion you'll get worked up there and cross about things. What it if you have the spare a couple of minutes Google Tim Gunn Kanye West. Two make it work they make it work ethics expert with the. I love him. An ally and next the bombshell announcement from the altar of the megahit Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert has revealed she's leaving her second husband. For her female best friend the 47 year old Gilbert says it was -- allies this cancer diagnosis this spring that made her realize that she's in love with her. Gilbert has since separated from her husband of nine years Jose Nunez who was the man she met and fell in love wait inherited as in six memoir. Eat Pray Love which chronicled her year of travel after divorcing her breast husband. The book was turned into a movie into that's intend starring Julia Roberts. Javier of our death. Gilbert says quote the -- and art together and love her and she loves me I'm walking through this cancer journey with her not only as good friend but as her partner. I'm exactly where I need to be. She continues. To learn more about herself and explore absolutely. Different. Next to be bitter celebrity custody battle totally the other end of the spectrum lets us. Madonna and ex husband Guy Ritchie of settled there. Fight over their sixteen year old son Rocco details of the settlement haven't been made public but rich he's attorney tells ABC news that rocket will stay in London with his father. Where he is enrolled in school. Rocco is rumored to have chafed under what's described as the material girls script strict disciplinarian. Quote very controlling. Rentals dial. It's reportedly why he decided to live with his dad back in December after having a falling out with his mother during her rebel art world war. Madonna is the tough mom a single little unfair. For kids to be able to leave saying you're just huge direct. I'm just surprised that she's strict U here's a she doesn't surprise me either so that kid wouldn't just by the minute in my household. No Portuguese bears for that get. You that mean is that for Portuguese print out yet they're very strict reading yes but that's great. Now Mike thanks lot of debt now I get it but if I had the choice and as a teenager. Yeah they would has arrived in the Scottish Haskell died and think no kid likes to have strict parents when their kids. That is good for the character building that. And finally they're hoping for an offer they can't refuse the owner of that historic mansion in Beverly Hills where that iconic horse's head scene from the god father was filmed. Let's back on the market this time or 195. Million dollars. And yeah. Yeah. But hang on a second more importantly. The swimming pool there is where they filmed the body guards with Kevin caught up. You are just full of knowledge about this how well I've been to this hats. I went there the last summit tried to seven the sprawling nineteenth bodies and states is set on six acres of land including 50000. Square. But main building there empty bedrooms fourteen knot winds takes two hours to show prospective buyers Iran. The current owner bought the estate in 1976 when he was just 31 years old he previously this of the home two years ago for 135. Million. And as a nightclub in the basement. At one time.

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{"id":41943442,"title":"Kanye Wests Hosts Fashion Show for Yeezy Season 4","duration":"5:12","description":"The rapper unveiled his latest collection for Adidas at a private show in New York City. ","url":"/WNN/video/kanye-wests-hosts-fashion-show-yeezy-season-41943442","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}