Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift Rule People's Choice Awards

Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were talk of the town at People's Choice Awards.
3:02 | 01/10/13

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Transcript for Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift Rule People's Choice Awards
-- -- -- It's time for this -- and people's awards -- we're last night and there are some pretty. Big winners. Katy Perry she's gonna Goodyear he had all he always has a good year -- she won three awards favorite female artist pop artist in her video part of me also want. Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games of Hunger Games fan -- if you're right yeah. Oscar awards -- home games actually won five awards -- -- wardrobe. Favorite movie actors -- face of heroism which is interesting -- -- and then Taylor slipped on a young -- mind my -- she received one award for the favorite country music artist but that dress. OK aren't there oh yeah. It sure it as just sort of all respect every -- like look at Jennifer Lawrence is. American -- out and feminist -- and that is a little -- That this is diligently yeah dating back yeah. That is very conservative or conservative and -- Taylor didn't Taylor was out there. Let's -- -- -- isn't the double sided tape. Every night to people's choice People's Choice Awards Donald Trump also back in the news you may remember he made a big deal -- of the president's birth certificate OK -- he came back in October said okay I'll donate money millions to the charity of your choice now give me your college records of course the Obama administration didn't. Respond to that at all but bill comedian Bill Maher. Did he went on the Tonight Show in light of what trump didn't city know what I'll donate five million dollars to a charity trump could prove. That quote he is not the small of his mother having sex have been -- -- attached. So he didn't need to get nasty swipe at the Donald will now guess what the dollar has fired back he said a copy of his New York City birth certificate. Bill -- there is Donald's birth certificate now. And now O'Donnell as saying hey get that fight your checkbook out write that five million to -- it was a joke. Yeah. Joke it's Del Mar -- thing those two guys never lose your sense of humor -- -- -- media Donald not media natural guy that does not have a field. -- Mark Wahlberg so many talented -- good guy especially. You know in his chest area -- now. When he hit -- baby loses his day job as they movie star he hit just TV -- -- -- that he basically just bum rushed Ottawa. Forecasts. -- Local -- station and so that's making news the weatherman. That'll -- fun at a local news expense that's not bad at all push -- and celebrities have I was on the cameos on this show -- bulletin on the good that our friend and colleague Robin Roberts tweet out something. Yesterday saying that she's getting great news about her recovery edge she says in the coming days -- -- we'll give you details about my return I'm so excited. Thank you for your patience and continued prayers -- -- will be serene than 2013. Come on -- --

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{"id":18177562,"title":"Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift Rule People's Choice Awards","duration":"3:02","description":"Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were talk of the town at People's Choice Awards.","url":"/WNN/video/katy-perry-jennifer-lawrence-taylor-swift-rule-peoples-18177562","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}