Kellie Pickler Wins 'Dancing With The Stars' Mirror Ball Trophy

Country music star and fan favorite Kellie Pickler was named the winner of the show's 16th season.
2:21 | 05/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kellie Pickler Wins 'Dancing With The Stars' Mirror Ball Trophy
Finally in the finale Dancing With The Stars named a new champion and it was Trulia come. From behind wins -- and everybody fame. Kellie -- there and while only one dancer is going home -- the mirror ball trophy every contestant join in the celebration ABC's -- hit now. Joining us in the ball room that morning Randy. Good morning -- -- -- that this was Kellie -- season she was one of the stars to be early on an after another fantastic performance she is taking home the coveted mirror ball trophy. Sweetheart Kelly pick there's still America's -- breeding season sixteen of dancing with the -- -- After ten weeks of dancing twelve -- were narrowed down to the final poor to put it all out on the dance floor in hopes of taking home the mirror ball trophy. After Monday's competition Disney's -- day at home and let the -- the country singer Kellie Pickler a close second. Sullivan and Lee County recent anti Toby Jones one was eliminated. -- and the finale also featured star studded performances by pit -- and -- Then the final three were given an instant dance to rehearse in minutes. They continued to wow the crowd with their. Look at -- -- -- from the millions. All the hot and and those tourists were added to their totals for Monday night -- made every single band special. Then came the next still elimination Jacoby -- arena. With anticipation building to the big reveal. -- very exciting time here on the dance floor -- -- for Kellie Pickler and now all four finalists are heading to New York. So they can it here on Good Morning America this morning John and Diana. All right Randi thank you. I didn't tell you I Hudson's I was going to -- and wondering whether or not she may have won a purely ABC's own web -- went down during the voting. -- -- -- -- We want -- winners is the only thing that. Based. Then we want -- Diane.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Country music star and fan favorite Kellie Pickler was named the winner of the show's 16th season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"19231047","title":"Kellie Pickler Wins 'Dancing With The Stars' Mirror Ball Trophy","url":"/WNN/video/kellie-pickler-wins-dancing-stars-mirror-ball-trophy-19231047"}