Kitchen gadgets

The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, is helping make life in the kitchen more fun and a little easier.
3:46 | 02/22/21

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Transcript for Kitchen gadgets
As winter and the pandemic force us to hunkered down inside. So many are finding new talents in the kitchen and of course if there's a task we've got a gadget support I don't guess where is Dick DeBartolo is here now with his favorite unique. And helpful kitchen gadgets good morning Dick what you got for us. All good morning I had something a countertop appliance like none you've seen before take a peek. Cold snap was a 22 honey one CES innovation honoree in neat kitchen gadgets category. The politic Q are codes on top. Which tells the machine had to prepare the contents the price is estimated to be between 500. And that thousand dollars. Pods are expected to be in the 250 to three dollar range. We got that wrong what are called freight Wallace cold whip you gotta heated up quarter for me. If I do and this is on the cold bonding bowl okay show bond all is a really small induction cooker. And what's unique about this is a guy who designed that I spoke to him the ball is insulated so you cook. And eat at of the same bowl. It's a little guy so it's great for dorm rooms are vis your bowed to just like eight engines by 88 inches by three inches high auto shut off an induction cooking. Is really fast because the heat goes directly into the food not into what you cooking so it's. And a great new gadgets. I can't see myself and bad with that right now. You don't you know are on insomniacs loves thru coffee so I heard you gotta get more for us. This is a three and one and you're gonna love it it's right here. If you should I count the states Hamilton beach flex brew three in one coffee maker over here make a Kate cup. But this is unique you take this out if you want to brew into a troll travel mug and put in here. Is another device that let you put your own grinds in that. Take out the K cup holder put this in there and then you can grew more coffee than the K cup it's under a hundred dollars flex grew. Isn't it neat that's hurting me and also I understand that when it comes to correcting you got some good special for us. This is really neat this little clip will really save cleanup time in a kitchen take a look. This handy stainless steel clip attaches directly to most pots bulls or hands. And holds lead pencils in place while cooking so residue drifts into the pot or bowl rather than onto the stove were countertop not. A batting dad did or call and I. It definitely will keep you for making a mess right on the countertop. Exactly and it's under ten dollars or you know every single kits and neither good lazy Susan. Okay. A lazy Susan I had a crazy shoes in and here's why it's different what they've done added sides. Ended compartments. If you use the in the handles you can take everything out at one time. For if you see how it handles you can just take out what you want your cosmetics for use spices. And it's about 25 dollars. It's lazy Susan crazy season I don't know what Susan did to you but I I still like her but. Are happy picked. Where they've another unique and helpful tips engadget is been that Dicks website gives whereas dive bid as well as our own website divvy and in fans dot com. Our thanks a Dick DeBartolo Dick thank you so much we appreciate your. Great hope to see in his Studio One day different lives when we're got a gadget rapid heart will be right Pak could.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, is helping make life in the kitchen more fun and a little easier.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76039970","title":"Kitchen gadgets ","url":"/WNN/video/kitchen-gadgets-76039970"}