Lady Gaga Generates Laughs on 'SNL'

The singer poked fun at herself and Kanye West during her appearance on "Saturday Night Live."
3:53 | 11/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lady Gaga Generates Laughs on 'SNL'
-- -- -- suddenly gotten some big laughs. Kind of -- taken -- -- and -- and an SNL -- this weekend that really. -- set -- -- a little bit she plays like a computer genius and -- and she'd do. Do you need to set and I like characters playing -- and Conde. But basically not think they turned -- the Lady Gaga who's playing the sort of computer needs it's gonna fix one of their computers let's listen. We don't -- chairman. Well first of all this is my -- keen enough on -- home. But honestly. I don't care about fashion I think people who tried -- start with their outfits are. May be hiding something. Like come and dress like her then. I would character who plays kind. Narrow -- -- You know observed subtle genius you can't just throw that -- around Mark Zuckerberg a genius I'm a genius I -- god. Felt so -- gets better betterment five stopped when he got definitely she's pretty good ones yeah I mean I'm just looking at these clips and I wanted to -- wants the entire show because she did -- we shares. She'll let herself that she really did and that's what makes -- got to do that that's a minute she's got -- out of the stars -- and let themselves go that's when everybody has from the stars a cast an awesome audience as well. I think we have some big news is best man holiday movie that you've been talking about. Huge box office huge. -- to hang on to number one -- over the weekend. That's my holiday topped expectations in its debut and it brought in an estimated thirty point six million dollars. Coming in at new -- in dose. Also by the way it has scored an -- plus -- -- movie goers this is according to cinema score and that means that it's joining quite an elite group. This club movies that enjoys -- -- approval times at the box office include movies that are very recognizable including -- 42 the help -- speech the blind side Titanic and now. The best man made holiday though this is -- -- -- sent him out years ago wonderful movie I think it's just a Smart comedy get outside people really like. Did absolutely responded and an expected to have a very good opening weekend but there's only seventy million they didn't expect 38 blew them away -- mother when that happens right. All right Jimmy Kimmel was certainly knows how to -- people while he was at the other end of the rose this time -- varieties power of comedy Adam -- Jeffrey Ross Joseph McHale. Some of the comedians roasting Jimmy Kimmel this happened over the weekend and gold is benefiting the Marines Frazier -- -- -- benefit. Anyway let's listen in its Jimmy Kimmel -- -- little bit here we get this from Joseph -- Jimmy has revolutionized. The late night comedy monologue by adding clips from reality shows. Wow where to come over that but we really -- Media and one -- Jeffrey Ross who got -- all started said imagine Campbell's recent scandal. To his -- a lot of hot water lately but enough about -- -- time. -- -- -- -- It yeah. -- really get that won't happen take action hiring at thirty seconds to get to this finally some good news coming out of the Justin Bieber camp he's apparently really want to get involved with the relief efforts for the Philippines. So he tagged the wall. Not -- -- because it's graffiti but. -- -- -- -- -- And it says -- for the Philippines. JD Justin Bieber sun and heat took a picture this and he has signed and good auction this off as well as a picture from the sister mrs. Graham my count. The -- the next -- they're gonna see is from TMZ and that's all the spray cans that he used as an option of these pictures and donated to a soon to be named. Philippines typhoon relief efforts -- finally -- -- years ago just good PR yes.

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{"id":20921479,"title":"Lady Gaga Generates Laughs on 'SNL'","duration":"3:53","description":"The singer poked fun at herself and Kanye West during her appearance on \"Saturday Night Live.\"","url":"/WNN/video/lady-gaga-generates-laughs-snl-20921479","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}