Lady Gaga Puts on Mustache and Furry Head in Germany

Is this Lady Gaga's craziest outfit yet?
3:45 | 10/25/13

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Transcript for Lady Gaga Puts on Mustache and Furry Head in Germany
All right another skinny just a chance to shamelessly talk about women who -- -- -- hot seller this really know. Journalistic context here whatsoever -- Italy eleven got to Wear Hijab comeback too much -- perhaps expect. First -- though she was in New Zealand October 19 and her big world is part of world tour yet so there is a dance they -- that they use -- an ancestral. War advancements also used to honor distinguished guests like queen bee so she gets an Israeli nuggets and New Zealand and the crew kind of does -- -- for her and of course. Being -- she joins in. The ritual at enjoys into this war -- Zealand when it -- -- gets telling here she was flattered by the -- and so I didn't. And insists beyoncé just you -- just another. Piece of evidence of the world. Falling -- -- beyond two seasons ago it next. This happening inside and there isn't. What she's doing she looks -- -- this thing -- my ex wife is. I don't of the world -- lover and then you know Rihanna you know she's very subtle. And very bashful she doesn't -- really put herself out there are covered -- yes and TMZ fountains of new photos. Very unlikely -- I read this is -- -- -- -- -- -- yet if they -- Herb Kohl wearing a tiny -- she is in Greece and she she just. Posted this removed just for food for birds like me just -- -- Let's take a gander -- -- he's just hang out agrees let us that no news value here just a few seconds of. Titillation. -- Step up for the you Rihanna for all out that you do -- tough battle will boom boom man rob on -- -- -- We'll check this out going to -- out of the very beautiful -- not covered up -- -- woman who decided to go out and completely -- herself. Leslie got. I know what it is and -- he looks like he did you think it's a crack him up that they would. -- -- -- for a she's out with a new album called -- public she's obviously you know trying to -- -- No I remember there are. Lady Gaga who decided to change -- -- -- she was like okay what do. -- it wasn't craziness and apparently she realized that was really getting worldwide attention to issues that -- -- back to where it makes it up but. Meeting with Miley for crazy -- like a crazy contest right now -- Miley seems a little bit yeah I think you're right yet we just the that doesn't -- it. This so -- She's home she's home now by the way she is the daughter of TV mogul Aaron Spelling who is -- -- the billionaire was before he passed. Let all of his fortune by the way to her mom. 600 million estimated fortune she has had a falling out with her daughter that's -- Torre grew up. Turning -- -- -- are shelling on speaking terms and so Turiaf. On the -- financially. -- floor that hurt home. Husband can't get a vasectomy so they're just gonna keep on pumping -- their kids that's exactly what you need to do when -- more. Got up -- money have mild kids. I was noticing how she is worth it and I mean -- spelling empire is ridiculously insanely rich -- she not have any money left. -- -- explain -- -- for that she had to move out of her very ritzy Beverly Hills mansion. And she's now living in Malibu. So the man tell the antenna doesn't matter now what a husband -- were injured and he can't get snaps can't get Smith -- -- multi car that it is bad news just keeps don't come.

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{"id":20679292,"title":"Lady Gaga Puts on Mustache and Furry Head in Germany","duration":"3:45","description":"Is this Lady Gaga's craziest outfit yet?","url":"/WNN/video/lady-gaga-puts-mustache-furry-head-germany-20679292","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}