Lady Gaga Tears Her Labrum

The injury forces Gaga to have to cancel remaining dates on her "Born This Way" tour.
3:32 | 02/14/13

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Transcript for Lady Gaga Tears Her Labrum
I didn't say needed that women -- Willis movie in he -- -- he Valentine's Day will it stay at a holiday. Of course he does -- effect -- Yeah -- -- getting this is actually not such good news apparently lady -- -- heads torn. Her believe rotten which sounds. Bad -- nationally. Actually -- it didn't act it's a parent muscle that helps you hold your hip joint in place because -- You know she's always performing she's -- on word since -- heard a Lady Gaga. I'm she's she's -- -- -- -- this Wednesday June 1 instantly entire floor for the first yesterday we said it was a -- Yeah -- -- beginning on Thursday twenty wend its remaining for born this way Baltimore had been completely canceled she needs surgery. And so little time. You can imagine -- -- -- look at Michigan is down pushing reforms -- this is that he could -- to talk about his -- can't open a fight through that filter to ensure a speedy recovery and move on -- more news about Kate Upton the lovely young lady. These Sports Illustrated cover -- -- -- -- -- day. Every day this week you have found -- reason to get this -- this woman on art on our shaft because I'm a journalist and that. But apparently this was the first of voters -- they've ever done in Antarctica and so she -- this is how -- think she literally was. Down there in all that freezing cold. Get her bikini and and it could obviously not a lot more to make -- -- million dollars today he would make that ton of money -- you think she really did suffer from from some of frostbite she was worried about her her -- their bodies that -- shutting down during the shoot. The gym downstairs and -- felt colder temperatures so -- literally was freezing -- don't think that was some weird photo -- think she actually was gathered in Antarctica. And they have you all content -- to help keep our keeper Warren did like for. Yeah except for quite she admitted but hey I think for the to cover shot -- apparently there are there are people in charge of warming up warming her going out there and Enron and her legs and arms and I'd say we already -- -- -- -- -- coming. -- -- Manager Rene -- -- that's not you that she was freezing the -- -- dead dead jacket don't -- would have sold at a loss tonight. -- -- And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Only days and then as we know he's in jail not far. The murdering his life. I mean you -- because he was convicted of kidnapping in 2008 and armed robbery anyway he's -- apparently threw a nice little Super Bowl party eight. For all the inmates now crammed into the eighty foot -- square foot -- and he had -- television and that. In the hands south -- and by the way which he apparently bought from the store within the prison that's according to the New York. So he he -- that you answer of what. And Fred Simpson's estate that is ridiculous that kind of special treatment it is not a good that's going -- -- of the got product which is kind of weird. That's his nickname in prison the godfather and godfather and he is admirable part of the TV involved in the -- store and I don't understand and he's also jumped kidnapping not murder case -- -- exactly. I have yeah. A and Adams. -- I'm glad we took a -- -- that story. Actually what is it about it.

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{"id":18498473,"title":"Lady Gaga Tears Her Labrum","duration":"3:32","description":"The injury forces Gaga to have to cancel remaining dates on her \"Born This Way\" tour.","url":"/WNN/video/lady-gaga-tears-labrum-18498473","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}