Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Team Up

Gaga and Bennett team up to make an album of Jazz standards.
2:27 | 07/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Team Up
This looks really good lady got -- Tony Bennett Bennett. Teaming up for jazz album titled she's achieved through. They've also unveiled the video for their take on Friday porter's anything gulps -- single from the out. The pair has also taped a cheek to cheek concert special which will air on PBS -- -- that I would download it right. I was available and I -- -- Well a familiar face will be missing in the upcoming season of dancing Star Trek -- -- Max -- kospi is quitting the show after just after some sixteen there before. Returning for season eighteen to win the mirror ball trophy with Olympic ice dancer Meryl Davis. He told the ladies of the view that he's now planning to leave the ballroom. For good. Not big announcement compound on dancing so I just went out and. The youngest and the stars of feeling. And it's not known as the -- -- yeah. -- and this is why -- order to making this public. Back seventy came back he didn't feel like that -- -- the same at 34 year old said he's ready to find love and start a family. But he refused to confirm rumors that he's dating Jennifer -- -- pats. Maybe they're going to. Get married and to have kids and and he needs time and that's what he's not -- anymore we'll see I'm very interested curious some high end up next LeBron James giving is not to spend. The Far East and we really mean getting it is obvious this. Like something check out king James here at an event a couple days ago in Taipei. He'd already given away his T -- so -- -- tissues. And threw them into the crowd. -- got really crazy when James dropped distorts autograph that as well then tossed them into the crowd. And if he's doing stuff like this overseas can only imagine what you do when he's actually greeted by fans and a big event next Friday big huge -- expect next Friday -- -- -- -- so much madness over him it's like superstar media even in China Taipei it's crazy but I gotta say I had a body like that I'd be taking my clothes off time. He had to give us is getting for this getting -- -- I don't know -- I don't LeBron.

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{"id":24768641,"title":"Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Team Up","duration":"2:27","description":"Gaga and Bennett team up to make an album of Jazz standards.","url":"/WNN/video/lady-gaga-tony-bennett-team-24768641","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}