Diving Into Pregnancy and Parenthood

ABC News' Lana Zak enlists help to find the best baby products for new parents.
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Transcript for Diving Into Pregnancy and Parenthood
Chances are good many of you watching right now our parents and a lot of you probably brand new parents with new babies -- here at ABC news we are experiencing our own Baby -- many of our correspondents producers and -- Are expanding their own sales in in the water here now we're happy to be bringing you into the conversation with a new series early morning. -- -- season mother of the Obama -- and. Good morning John and -- and good morning to all you bleary eyed parents out there. I'm digging into parenting pregnancy and I invite all of you to join me at -- head out into the adventure of a lifetime. Com home home with my pregnancy comes questions. Nine found -- we're having twin girls we wondered about everything. From -- growing belly. The -- to give our girls the best start in mind and FBI man of the hour. For someone without children all the gear can be intimidating. When I tiny -- born into an Amazon brings up 53000. -- -- me and that's just in the baby section. So I'm heading to giggle let's more than doubled the -- choices they offer an I'm asking everyone mayor opinion. I think baby carriers are really specific to you. Men and women there's some there's just more comfortable for women -- workers make no offense especially because when you're out and about you -- warm up those swipe fees every. From baby carriers to bath here seem like monumental decision. Still I enlist the help of a friend and expert. Kelly Downey then why isn't so high stakes for me it for all of us. It was a total mystery to me and -- every went yells at anxiety -- feel that sense of panic that they're gonna do something wrong. Is there is a lot that's a very mysterious. About those. Early months and years of being a parent because it's it's not just about. Having a meeting in -- registry it's the next twenty years of your life. I'm a lot of stuff for -- continent he asked. Alley is the founder of -- spring I think it's like -- held -- for parents at parent comes unto me spring and recommends that products that she can't live without. Hi and then you can -- and and look at a single category like car seats and seat before that are must -- your friends. She says there are three things you can do to make up processed and less painful one let others help with the recent. Slightly at least bring stores like Kindle or a friend -- -- -- -- -- -- and highly -- cutting through the -- 279. To think about what can be borrowed from Q did what you should actually nine. And three know what you need to bring ED home from the hospital and you can figure everything else out later her. And -- will actually be back tomorrow with those five essential items to bring a baby into your home. And that's taking this journey I wanna hear what you think tell us on -- -- world news now FaceBook page or tweet me at -- -- Or hash -- early morning mama I want to hear your suggestions your ideas and everything but as I embark on this next chapter are keenly here learning so much I noticed one of the shots of the really hefty price tag -- -- -- items are you learning. And Armenia are expensive. If you leave and these are twice -- the expense and yes -- all this stuff that's not going to be used all that long I mean it's coupled behind you would not blinking and nine. Well I it's all of that sort of stuff that I need to figure out what's really rightly directing -- and what it's a great hand me down let's say you're learning so much and we appreciate you sharing this whole journey went back. Ari do and how you feeling I'm feeling great I didn't know that the that another place right now where I have tons of energy and I feel like I can take on the world. All the morning sickness is behind me sell. How many -- actually. Yeah.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Lana Zak enlists help to find the best baby products for new parents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22857839","title":"Diving Into Pregnancy and Parenthood","url":"/WNN/video/lana-zak-pregnancy-parenthood-products-tips-22857839"}