Lap Pillows: Hot Sellers in Japanese Airport

A pillow shaped like a woman's lap is a big seller for people sleeping in airports.
2:55 | 08/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lap Pillows: Hot Sellers in Japanese Airport
It. It is time for the -- he ever see those people course you have as a reporter is stuck in the airport -- been. Sleeping on the -- -- -- -- towards those nightmare airport scenes yes well a couple of airports in Japan have come up to get shops there come up with a little. Little solution that Ted try to ease that's. Uncomfortable on the air -- -- -- We are just yet quite Japanese condition option to pat -- on the Daily Mail showed a picture put it on up the pillow shaped like a woman slapped the contraption can. Shops -- -- -- and Tokyo international. The major replicate the sensation of child resting on. Mom's lap but -- for adults yet whether Rudolph that there was set off a similar coverage -- during stressful time to visit their -- as well as being similar. Personally popular joke gift to travelers to bring home from -- -- Or do here now that's not cute and all three big sentencing -- and it's really anybody that's gonna end buyback and then music is at creek park and they didn't like him. Look like legs. -- competitors out of this one doesn't appreciate you taking an in look like a normal person you can't hear that at an airport right now. Can't get guy gets the gag gift but I think we're some of the people it's not a Dag bad from groups. Not remain -- -- -- from that attack you're good right. Yeah I I he's part of military -- -- -- -- all over the place but it's clear that they've never -- in a place with a lot of news. So he's driving along and he comes across and -- -- -- confused and is running along the highway and he gets really really excited to go with them. -- -- -- Fully. What is the appeared -- next -- -- go all bug Perez this isn't sitting. This -- this means they have to listen to governor hundreds are actually my god he's quite the about. You'll be -- factories are telling him you see at one point rigidity is really gives his name is -- Salina and eat -- so this is cousin in June 2012. But it's just now exploding popularity somebody obviously had a shovel. Always yeah that is -- -- -- video about a silly kids that it's kind of -- Can you taken on eleven of them are. Got a -- -- euphoria like behind him standoff developed eyeballing each other you can tell there's going to be trouble happens all the time -- -- from the same family let's roll the video and you'll see you there that's. -- he -- he's the one in black women is that just. Again Walter actually seems kind of nice looks away a little bit like Clinton brings an honorable Patricia Cook who's -- like what's. -- -- -- -- While the winds had apparently they've been in the same family for a long time and they just don't -- -- get involved and this is like it like a daily basis they've already does that mean like -- this never liked each other according to the -- and -- But this was she says this was a particularly good stand up. High -- get going.

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{"id":19954398,"title":"Lap Pillows: Hot Sellers in Japanese Airport","duration":"2:55","description":"A pillow shaped like a woman's lap is a big seller for people sleeping in airports.","url":"/WNN/video/lap-pillows-hot-sellers-japanese-airport-19954398","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}