Late Night Has a New Highest-Paid Host

At $25 to 30 million per year, Jon Stewart of ?The Daily Show," tops Leno, Letterman and Kimmel.
3:27 | 08/21/13

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Transcript for Late Night Has a New Highest-Paid Host
All -- any -- let's just get right to talk about TV guide's annual survey the salaries of people make on TV reason -- -- -- Batman and other ship right because we're on TV where a mother. Let's talk about the people make -- the real no real good start out with a late night folks they make a lot of money honestly that folks these late night folks Jon Stewart's the king daily show 25 to thirty million dollars per year. -- -- Twenty million dollars a year Letterman twenty million dollars a year -- ten million bucks Andy -- watch what happens live -- two million dollars. Higher fraction of isn't it to have what they pay no taxes -- I don't get that money isn't yet -- -- work that would be getting in trouble if I had that happen. I have thought about comedy is per episode this is great as per episode Ashton Kutcher -- -- -- -- 750 granite and episode Jason -- How I Met Your Mother 225. -- an episode Amy Poehler from parks and recreation 200 grand. Robin Williams a crazy 165. Max. Greenfield from new -- 75. Grand per episode weekday average weekly -- -- -- -- -- worth some money I'm telling you what. So anything we get. 49 dollars and uncertain about -- but just. Granola -- that. Here's -- -- hot be alert for you know we have the latest vacation and the -- an ad that features that come -- but now we have since seen video from behind the scenes it is it wordless -- with that none other than David Beckham. It's not phone his undies and all of his taxes his amazing they designed to my god he's so good looking. So they have. -- between modeling in the locker room getting smoldering looks to the cameras smiling at his perfect hair is -- -- he models boxers briefs in the actual -- as well. So we got the but does that came out from the campaign for agent and they appeared on the insecure -- -- -- an -- on Monday and that it is official FaceBook page. Released on Tuesday and then we had this. Pretty amazing YouTube video now came out soon thereafter and so now for your viewing pleasure -- -- -- just not fair. Oh yeah had talent and he looks like that I noticed just the stories is laughing kind of grumpy today I never knew we had so many tabs on those kind of -- something New England hit me alive -- well you know. You know what the first couple of the -- that he was in years and years ago now he did not have that many touches as he teased him and grown and and and they -- yeah you won it leads to -- and another one ready habit forming. I Simon Cowell breaking his silence on the baby mama drama and this comes from the online by the way talking about the baby's expecting -- this. Former friends now ex wife Laurence Silberman and he says that things are changing in my life right now I'm proud to be a daddy told -- BBC reporter when asked about the baby. That's the first time he has commented on the big baby news and shared his feelings about being a dad. So while it's good to see that Simon actually seems to be embracing and then. Why not let me you know he's got a lot of things in life and -- -- -- might be a great thing. What changes a lot of and it may -- it's gonna change him from court -- Simon to put on my sir can -- and he won't be as mean and Max factor and --

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{"id":20020330,"title":"Late Night Has a New Highest-Paid Host","duration":"3:27","description":"At $25 to 30 million per year, Jon Stewart of ?The Daily Show,\" tops Leno, Letterman and Kimmel.","url":"/WNN/video/late-night-highest-paid-host-20020330","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}