Leah Remini Quits the Church of Scientology

The "King of Queens" actress alleges interrogations and blacklisting within the church.
3:16 | 07/12/13

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Transcript for Leah Remini Quits the Church of Scientology
I've missed the -- Then in my life is worth and I go to -- skin name but we do we begin though we have some rare photos here. A couple of superstars. That are together now this is a rare -- -- rob Nelson. And his mama. Look at that see up -- the -- -- yesterday stopped by for the first time she told me situation was a little. A little sad that this is the first time that rob has broader around. And they took it may take some pictures on the set to write -- -- Libyan mama look she's taking care -- hair. We also learned the tiny little tidbit about the celebrity next to me. Mama calls him Robbie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I get -- -- for birthday add satellite to set to help celebrate so she's a good time -- here is really nice Stuart took a picture of Kyoto can't stop. It got to see that -- -- as she was aesthetic. She could not contain her excitement kept calling -- celebrities I thought was very sweet. Although that -- She had a good he's had no idea to bring around more often was seen -- to watch this into some sources tell right now Jersey -- enough -- -- or. On an overnight news all your. That's good trip Bob -- -- yes happy birthday happy mother's right it was like it already knew I was in Africa from others yeah so -- all right tell back to not embarrassing news -- rob I could Nelson yet to Aaron. They -- -- her from the King of Queens. Has quit the church of science college at sixteen -- she. Now this is according to a source she's apparently been subjected to years of interrogations and what they are calling spot modifications as -- population just quit. Now this may extend all the way back to speaking up Tom Cruise and Katie Katie Holmes -- their wedding in 2006 as a blocker out there with say. But she apparently went to the leader of the church announcement -- -- question hey where's your wife. And he's set sonar reported link you don't have the -- ranks to ask about my old. Cell apparently she took -- to heart she's been sitting on I don't for quite some time after a lot of that question she was put through interrogations blacklisted within the church this -- -- according to reports. And that's just it's -- it all together a reference Scientology's though is denying all of these claims no word on -- SA and -- -- -- little group. I'm -- currently at very interesting yes Sophia look our view voluptuous star value -- has given it. An -- to Harper's -- and this is what she says. I showered -- hair and make up for me it's like shaving I don't believe in a natural look she's saying you know what ladies don't believe -- -- tell you go without that don't never go out. And it never go without make up our -- always get it does he does not believe the -- -- except she says Giselle bunch is only one who can. We will know how does this every -- -- -- make -- -- -- -- But my only -- witnesses that comes as Sophia ever got was going over the base that's almost better paying attention to how to better. So guess had a go -- the -- will be right -- today.

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{"id":19646168,"title":"Leah Remini Quits the Church of Scientology","duration":"3:16","description":"The \"King of Queens\" actress alleges interrogations and blacklisting within the church.","url":"/WNN/video/leah-remini-quits-church-scientology-19646168","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}