Lesser-Known Gadgets

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo reveals his favorite inexpensive tools that you may not have heard of before!
4:09 | 11/14/16

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Transcript for Lesser-Known Gadgets
Barely a week and a half away from Thanksgiving gene you believe that now is a great time to start stocking up on those stocking stuffer gifts and joining us this morning to tell us about a few clever gadgets. They may have never even heard about is gizmo is. Dick DeBartolo thank you so much can dig for joining us. You're welcome they're all under 25 blocks and I think. I will have gadgets you may not have even heard of now it's clearly OK so this is slam champ went champ do you want to have a charging station. Next to we'll lamp is take the bowl ballots through land champion screw the bowl back in now lamb champ has an on off switch for the bowl. But now it also has a USB charging port which were always looking more I think everywhere we got in this we'll be right next to where every Euro land is I'd be taking apart Atlanta hotel rooms and field. Airport lounge is what you don't have to now with this and so there are under twenty dollars and Amazon has two for thirty so that brings it down the pentium these on meet these aren't totally reversible USB cables. So this is the US be on the land champs so I put the US being that way I'm turning it won eighty. It goes in. That way I don't wait at all okay. At the micro USD side it's also reversible my galaxy S six way you so in that way. Turning it. And now in that way and you know breaking and you neck breaking and in the middle of the night it got it the little round after end yeah yeah. Not very cheap but what those on Amazon for under ten dollars I wish I would have invented that. No tie shoelaces now they look like shoelaces from here. But. They have no shoelaces in the back you check needed about now what's the big black yes here it is this silicone. And you pop them in the islets all the way down. They they come in yet you know you saw the bottom where do you live audio shoelaces goes it real shoelaces and these are the silicon and you know I checked everything out so for a day I would. This because like this and this was more comfortable more snug what's knock it anonymity because it it flexes with your foot. Unlike leases eight blocks. And when you put them on there would you put them on once and every issue is now let's look on that's perfectly okay what's next all these are really great so this is from ten optics only to get you glasses really magnified this goes on you key change. You push this Iraq. And you have a pair. Actually applies not quite good at it for you that you clip on you know so that they are temporary not if this is sleek as the new now now that Shaq I don't know Motorola. Do you do that did this to pulled wide open and and then let him close and you know it's probably down a little threads and does that affect figure. An exotic but not great to have spared glasses but it's if I'm Martin Kramer watching yes 120 product this is great. We have appliances without an on off switch or an honest which you can't reach an idle land that so. A ceiling lamp. That I can't reach so I plug the Schilling went in here down it. High level and now they can turn it on and off from where I am this could be good for grandma and grandpa exactly has a pilot light you well approved. And then that this is a grounded version if you plugging in heavy duty appliance and that one is from Belkin how I love it and the final little guy break a bold Walton in the socket the medal part still in their stick this up. Push on it it pushed pushes these rubber. Little. Do you deadheads yeah how many officially I think your dad and then you can inscrutable RIT it visits were for flat irons because really I'm not really person might not think -- hot light bulbs that more consumer my hot curling. I could drug dealing here with a but I don't. Punch kick Vick DeBartolo thanks so much for joining as ginza wages. You know what it's a big deal you want to find more gadget gift ideas on Dick's website because he will come up with some good affordable gifts for you and your family. As well as on his website gizmo is dot days you can go to our website W Indian fans dot com you're watching world news now being worked pretty nice.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo reveals his favorite inexpensive tools that you may not have heard of before!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"43517996","title":"Lesser-Known Gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/lesser-gadgets-43517996"}