Living the 'suite' life

Take a tour inside one of Manhattan's most elegant and expensive mansions. ABC News' Will Ganss is checking out all 19 rooms to see what 29 million bucks will buy you.
5:11 | 08/09/19

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Transcript for Living the 'suite' life
Our very own look and joins us now they glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and seen them. Making it rain this morning that I got out of the market for a new home. So I figured I'd take a look around but instead of the typical Long Island suburb with a two hour commuter hell's kitchen rental with no way see this morning. We're move in on the looking for a new home to the end nerve wracking thing. Luckily I've got a friend in the real estate business Allen city. Hello Lynne our view. Welcome to the kids they decorator show outcome money didn't do. And she knows that something simple and bonds is just what a low key guy like me needs. So right now we're on the upper east side of Manhattan were blocked from Madison avenue on the banks shops and restaurants for a block from Central Park. This is a forty foot wide townhouse. Ninety smooth. Well own bedrooms. Ten fireplaces. And the list goes on to this is just the epitome. Of luxurious clothing. City. RA so look at this entryway into his room was grand staircases and all of New York City is safe. Life and it's circle. Fall away. These and let's go look at mark please. Yes we got six flights of more important to pace myself as lawyers say yet what exactly weeks and to top of that staircase. And this it is for the entertainment. Blue. Oh in the asking price 28750000. Dollars. So let's see what some of that cash might idea for stop. It's the library and as early. Woman who weren't house run the world it's a lady's library it is so she you've got this fabulous new girl on the seat leaned. We've got the 1940s. Princeton home she handily here I'm speechless it's a library but it's not. It's chic I missed this. Yet you you do you chief creator glasses. Yeah I looked at it's a good luck he Q so were heading to have been intently need. Or this these. Out of control gorgeous. This is it the most chic dining room I accept and not hitting you I have chills up my whole bond issue to sexy dining room it's a sexy dining room that is. Three words I never thought I'd put together if you could invite three people living your dad. On your dinner party who would you invite NYG. Since early 04. Toward Washington. Who was injured I think about this now. I have this fully prepared visitors. Hank. Taylor Swift and think detailing we have. I'm reais would you mind passing the gravy Jesus once a little bit after saying goodbye to our dinner guest. Next up on the grant toward something else worth a closer look the dog room to man's best friend you've got a wall a portrait. All feature in dogs a whole snack bar and a very chic dog that has a wall. Of photographs. To help fight a comfortable. Gas so this pond eating pizza and having to be aired. Here's your animal. We've got my spirit animal and back upstairs Alice's favorite room I love it wouldn't feel like you just wanting to. Funny how you better news a little climate venues as his Fox News these are little film strip out. It's all right. In fact this mansion has a few places to wind down routine just when it come back from. Now unless you Latin think you. And back to Detroit finally reaching the top floor of the mansion we realized it hadn't checked out the back yard. Oops you want want to take the elevator. There's an elevator we yeah things like that now you're telling me there's an elevator I me. That yard which is bigger than my current apartment by the way. And urban oasis that this is shared with the neighbors ordered. No sharing. Just 30 whoever buys this house has a 14100. Square foot backyard a palace like this all to myself. Time to see if I could make this dream home a reality. So little what do you think of the house. I mean it's everything I dreamed of and more. Without asking price 28750000. Might feel a little out of my price range is there is there anything else he can think. It's one thing I think we. Filling up. Will dance ABC news New York. Yeah.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Take a tour inside one of Manhattan's most elegant and expensive mansions. ABC News' Will Ganss is checking out all 19 rooms to see what 29 million bucks will buy you.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64875668","title":"Living the 'suite' life","url":"/WNN/video/living-suite-life-64875668"}