Has The Loch Ness Monster Been Found?

Nessie-hunters using sonar imaging came across a strange object at the bottom of the lake, a sunken "Nessie" prop from a 1970 Sherlock Holmes film.
2:54 | 04/14/16

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Transcript for Has The Loch Ness Monster Been Found?
Time now for the mix and we start things up there in Scotland and lack NASA experts went out. Q the famously trying to look for the famous monsters you wolf and take a look at what they found. But what is theater sonar pictures of a figure that you can see it looks like it looks like this looks like Messi right. Elena got a closer look they found something that looked even more like messy pool that's is still immense. Of what yes looks very much like the monster. Would be probably terrifying to most people however they say they realize that this is actually a movie prop. That was in the legs and went searching for the real thing and then came out on fits. I think I would let it be a hoax but a lot like have a vague I quickly turns out it was a prop used in the 1969. Movie the private life. Sherlock company can you imagine all that excitement we've found. It reply and why isn't she moving and that usually found in about messy. But. RT another new fat of course is all about face swapping in the app for it and give snapped at you can face and it always hilarious it is always terror. So just imagine that older generation during a thing swap. But it does have certain grandma that you have to see them. You could have. My aunt and. They swapped her face with that. Beyoncé and Marilyn Monroe and that was her reactions from Edmonton and all of that. And then rose editing or anything. Well Ed gods yeah. What if counselors at hello lap UQ and a season of existence very big we'll particular road this is out buying. Making more. I was still clarinet. And now so and I don't. We are all hideous what you see it you can't unsealed. All right a season that's not hideous updates and that is both adorable hoot and just very very very impressive this isn't done. Throughout better soccer skills and most people I know definitely Bennett's office goes and I do. Because Alfie he goes by the very appropriate nicknamed rhino dog but this two year old a chronic brain with a deep love that Britain's most popular sport. They say it was so funny watching him try to control the ball pretty good he dribbled to control the ball even tackled by the let's watch out. If it's on my roof while that's pretty good things like may mark a lot Catherine on dog death. Our it to take a look at this in the meantime there is a new world record when it comes to the fastest convertible this one here made. In Texas the American made Tennessee venom GT spider. Clocking in at 265. Miles an hour he records while. But it credit idiots that done a lot of.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Nessie-hunters using sonar imaging came across a strange object at the bottom of the lake, a sunken \"Nessie\" prop from a 1970 Sherlock Holmes film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38386818","title":"Has The Loch Ness Monster Been Found?","url":"/WNN/video/loch-ness-monster-found-38386818"}