Longer lines and higher fares for travelers

The TSA is experiencing a staff shortage and fewer drivers are available through ride hailing apps. ABC News’ Andrea Fujii has the details.
1:56 | 06/10/21

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Transcript for Longer lines and higher fares for travelers
This morning a heads up for travelers the TSA is warning about staffing shortages of more than 130 airports this summer. The problem so bad TSA office workers are now being asked to volunteer for airport duty. With a more Americans traveling again airports are busier wait times are longer and it TSA is under pressure. Some flyers now being told who arrived three hours before their flight race car driver Tommy Joseph Martins tweed in video from Charlotte's airport sane. Congrats Charlotte airport for the single big it's TSA checkpoint disaster I'd ever seen. In Austin some people are waiting two hours just to get through security. There's going to be a lot more busy days really heading into the future which is why we are encouraging folks to plan ahead give themselves that extra time. The TSA hopes to hire 6000 new officers offering incentives like a 1000 dollar bonus Mickey were removed from and what wouldn't we voted Tuesday. They work they travel frustrations extend beyond the airport. There's also a shortage of taxi Guber and lift drivers to get you there and ended big spike in prices. Up to 40% higher nationwide for car share services in recent weeks. One man says his twenty mile longer ride to New York's JFK airport cost him 248. Dollars tweeting. Today might Lowber ride from midtown to JFK cost me as much as my flight from JFK to separate Cisco. Your new restaurants opened then refresh or are you going out to reach you know enjoying. You know enjoying your thing used her. You don't really. Strong surge in demand and they just weren't the drivers she can and so that's when we see. Many drivers also quit during the pandemic and have yet to return Lowber now paying bonuses hoping to get them back. Another reason for the shortage many drivers started working for delivery services during the and at neck where they can often make more money.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"The TSA is experiencing a staff shortage and fewer drivers are available through ride hailing apps. ABC News’ Andrea Fujii has the details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"78193756","title":"Longer lines and higher fares for travelers","url":"/WNN/video/longer-lines-higher-fares-travelers-78193756"}